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Guantanamo prisoner released after 14 years despite never standing trial

© Marc Serota / Reuters
An Afghan man who was charged with war crimes but never stood trial - and who eventually had the charges dropped - has been cleared for release by US authorities after 14 years behind bars at the prison complex in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The decision to clear the detainee, known only by the name Obaidullah, was made by the Periodic Review Board, which holds hearings for detainees in order to determine whether they qualify for release. In this case, the board stated that continued detention "does not remain necessary to protect against a continuing significant threat to the security of the United States."

Comment: Since the prisoner was never actually charged with a crime, it's rather ludicrous to determine that he's a threat to the security of the United States. They would have to actually provide evidence of that.

"The risk the detainee presents can be adequately mitigated," the board added.

Believed to be about 36 years old now, Obaidullah was captured back in July 2002 in Afghanistan, where US forces found unactivated land mines buried near his home in the eastern city of Khost. According to Defense Department documents, Obaidullah was allegedly part of an Al-Qaeda cell in Khost, involved in the planning and carrying out of attacks against US and Coalition forces. The Defense Department alleged he had links to a high-ranking Al-Qaeda and considered him a high-risk target.


Gorbachev on Soviet collapse: US was elated over Russia's decade of chaos, wasn't remotely interested in helping build stable democracy

© Ramil Sitdikov / SputnikFormer Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev
In an interview with Mark Franchetti from Britain's Sunday Times, the Soviet Unions's last leader Mikhail Gorbachev was as honest as we have seen him, as he reflected on the end of the Cold War, and the reasons for new US-Russian tensions.

In remembering the the US reaction to the Soviet Union's dissolution in 1991, Gorbachev admitted that...
"Under the table, the Americans were rubbing their hands with glee."

"They thought, 'Now we're the boss of the world.' They weren't genuinely interested in helping Russia develop into a stable and strong democracy. They thought they'd cut Russia down to size. In the process, they've squandered the trust we'd built."
American elation, for what the US perceived as a Cold War victory, was in Gorbachev's opinion juxtaposed with a feeling of sorrow from the Russian side. Gorbachev said that Russians still feel sorry about the collapse, though few, including himself, would support the idea of bringing the Soviet Union back.

Comment: Of course the US wasn't interested in helping Russia develop a strong democracy. At no time in the past 100 years has the US promoted legitimate forms of democracy around the world - rather they topple elected governments, impose fascist dictators, and otherwise spread terror in the name of freedom.

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Egypt's head of forensics denies reports of explosion and human remains retrieved from missing EgyptAir Flight 804

egyptair debris
© AFPDebris that the search teams found in the sea after the EgyptAir Airbus A320 crashed in the Mediterranean, released by the Egyptian military spokesperson on May 21, 2016
Egypt's head of forensics has denied reports that human remains retrieved from the Mediterranean Sea and examined by a team of experts point to an explosion taking place on board flight 804, which crashed on Thursday.

"Everything published about this matter is completely false, and mere assumptions that did not come from the Forensics Authority," state news agency MENA quoted forensics head Hesham Abdelhamid as saying.

Earlier on Tuesday, an official who had personally examined the remains at a Cairo morgue told AP on condition of anonymity that "the logical explanation is that it was an explosion."

The source went on to state that the experts had been given around 80 small body parts to investigate. "There isn't even a whole body part, like an arm or a head," the official said.


US and UK schools plagued with wave of bomb threats

Police line tape
© Eduardo Munoz / Reuters
Bomb threats prompted lockdowns and evacuations in dozens of elementary and high schools across the US and UK, leaving classes to be resumed only after police failed to find any explosives or other dangerous items.

The threats led to the evacuations of schools in Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, Oregon, Utah and Wisconsin.

Media outlets in the United Kingdom also reported evacuations at dozens of schools up and down in that nation.


Elites 'southern charm' of church and state, spreading through US?

church state separation
"He was his slave." The man was casually describing the connection between a relative and "an old black man" who worked on an extended-family tract outside the city. They rode around together in the relative's truck doing chores, he said, and the "slave" was allowed to live in a house on the property.

That wasn't a recitation of family lore from some olden time. It referred to this century.

Drive the highways and notice the convict gangs bagging trash along the shoulders. Pass prison fields where mounted guards with shotguns herd inmates hoeing crops. You wouldn't know slavery ended a century and a half ago because it didn't, except legally.

See the columned mansions behind mossy oaks along city streets and realize that within them live the direct descendants of slave plantation masters, timber barons, and shipping magnates who scooped up the region's resources and sold them to the world. The crafty heirs of this inheritance didn't squander it. They magnified and diversified it into investment portfolios conferring the quiet authority that accompanies wealth.

In this ghostly form slavery survives, more pervasive and powerful than the embodied form of a single old handyman "slave" puttering around in a pickup on a small family acreage in the countryside.


'I'm not independently wealthy': Bundy lawyer wanted Koch brothers to pay client's fees

Rancher Cliven Bundy.  Mike Blake / Reuters
© Mike Blake / ReutersRancher Cliven Bundy.
The defense attorney for Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy tried to get in touch the billionaire Koch brothers to help them fund his client's defense, according to an email obtained through a public records request.

Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) obtained an email that shows Joel Hansen, the defense lawyer for Cliven Bundy, contacting Utah state Representative Ken Ivory, hoping that the legislator could help him get in touch with the billionaire Koch brothers, who are known for donating to conservative causes.

Ivory is an advocate for transferring control of land owned by the federal government in Utah back to the state, having sponsored successful state legislation in 2012 that did just that.

Such legislation has goals, though likely not methods, that might align with those of Bundy, who made headlines in 2014 for his armed standoff with the Bureau of Land Management in Nevada over cattle grazing rights. Bundy and 18 of his supporters were subsequently indicted on federal felony charges.

Comment: See also: Agents provocateur: Is the Oregon occupation being stage-managed?


Parallels between 1930s Germany and Israel today

General Ya’ir Golan, the deputy Chief of Staff of the Israeli army
General Ya’ir Golan, the deputy Chief of Staff of the Israeli army
"Please don't write about Ya'ir Golan!" a friend begged me, "Anything a leftist like you writes will only harm him!"

So I abstained for some weeks. But I can't keep quiet any longer.

General Ya'ir Golan, the deputy Chief of Staff of the Israeli army, made a speech on Holocaust Memorial Day. Wearing his uniform, he read a prepared, well-considered text that triggered an uproar which has not yet died down.

Dozens of articles have been published in its wake, some condemning him, some lauding him. Seems that nobody could stay indifferent.

The main sentence was: "If there is something that frightens me about the memories of the Holocaust, it is the knowledge of the awful processes which happened in Europe in general, and in Germany in particular, 70, 80, 90 years ago, and finding traces of them here in our midst, today, in 2016."

All hell broke loose. What!!! Traces of Nazism in Israel? A resemblance between what the Nazis did to us with what we are doing to the Palestinians?

Comment: Israel is on the precipice of self-destruction with its oppression of Palestinians, covert and overt aggression towards other countries in the Middle East, and the death of whatever soul it has left to it as a nation. Individuals like General Ya'ir Golan, and the author of the article, and others understand that the situation is untenable and may be giving the last gasps of warning, conscience and rationality that Israel may ever see.

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Utah teen in critical condition after long-time friend stabs him with sword during sleepover

© Global News
A 17-year-old is in critical condition after police say his friend stabbed him with a sword during a sleepover early Saturday morning.

"It was a tragic, very uncommon and strange event," Unified Police Lt. Lex Bell said, but he added that it could have had a deadly ending if it weren't for the aid of several firefighters who helped an officer subdue a violent suspect.

Bell said it happened just before 6 a.m. when police were dispatched to a home near 7000 West and Long Ridge Drive.

He said the victim was laying in his bed when his longtime friend, also 17, took a sword from the victim's blade collection and ran it through his abdomen. Police aren't sure if the victim was awake when it happened, Bell said.

"The question of the day is: Why did this happen? The two had been friends for years, as I understand it," the lieutenant said. The victim's parents ran into the room when they heard a commotion.

"When the father gets in the room, the suspect is trying to get another weapon to stab the victim again, it sounds like," Bell said. "So the father grabbed him and there was a physical altercation." The mother called 911, and an officer arrived minutes later and ran inside, the lieutenant said.

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Shocking! 15-year-old girl has sex with 25 'willing' boys in Florida high school bathroom

South Fort Myers High School
© WZVNSouth Fort Myers High School

Comment: Children and young adults are being sexualized very early in life. Sexual imagery is everywhere and beamed into households every night. It's tragic to witness the continuing decay of our society because of the depraved leadership of psychopaths.

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South Fort Myers High School officials believe as many as 25 boys had "inappropriate activity" with a 15-year-old female student inside of a bathroom on campus Tuesday.

Students told NBC 2 the incident occurred in a girl's bathroom after classes ended and involved the school's football team.

"A bunch of football players went into a room with a girl and had sex with her, and a bunch of the football players were suspended," student Alex Bailey said. "So we might not have a football team this year."

Comment: Not having a football team is the least of the problem.

Students contend participants recorded the encounter.

Principal Melissa Layner learned of the incident and contacted Lee County Sheriff's deputy Jarrod Cantrell, the school's resource officer. Cantrell recovered surveillance video from the school hallway showing "25 male students go inside the restroom over the time-frame of a female being inside the restroom," according to a police report cited by the News-Press.

Layner said the female student "confirmed she had sex with a number of willing males."

Officials contacted the special victims unit and the Florida Abuse Hotline, took sworn statements from students, and confiscated a student cell phone. District spokeswoman Amity Chandler said students were involved in an "inappropriate activity" and were disciplined, but refused to provide details, the News-Press reports.

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British marines charged and sentenced for torturing subordinate

Royal Marine Ian Tennet
Royal Marine Ian Tennet, at a martial court in Portsmouth.
Four British Royal Marines have been charged with subjecting a colleague to a brutal initiation ceremony involving "waterboarding" and other forms of torture.

Royal Marine Ian Tennet, Lance Corporal Scott Simm, and James Taylor, a lance corporal in the Royal Marines Reserves and Former Marine Ryan Logan were charged with the ill-treatment of Carlo Nicholson (pictured below), a subordinate.
Carlo Nicholson
Tennet was sentenced to 11 months in jail while his two accomplices were given eight months each.