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UK Cops 'duped' into arresting wrong LulzSec suspect

Will the real Topiary please stand up?

The 19-year-old Scotsman fingered Wednesday as a central figure of the LulzSec hacking crew is a fall guy who was framed to take the heat off the real culprit, according to unconfirmed claims from a rival group.

"We believe MET Police got the wrong guy and it happens because of lot of disinformation floating on the web," a Thursday post on the LulzSec Exposed blog said. "LulzSec and Anonymous members are Master trolls and they are good at this."

According to the post, penned by members of a group calling itself the Web Ninjas, the real LulzSec figure known as Topiary is a 23-year-old Swede, who stole the handle from a low-level member after he ran afoul of its parent group Anonymous. The mistaken identity was part of an elaborate ruse to confuse authorities about Topiary's true identity, the speculation claims.


Nearly everyone in South Korea Hacked in one go

Local equivalent of Facebook hit: Fingers point at China

Personal information on as many as 35 million users of a South Korean social network site may have been exposed as the result of what has been described as the country's biggest ever hack attack.

Local authorities were quick to blame hack attacks against the Cyworld social networking website and the Nate web portal - both of which are run by SK Telecom - on Chinese hackers, the BBC reports.

Names, phone numbers, email addresses, and other details may have been exposed through the Cyworld hack, which follows previous attacks against South Korean government sites and financial service firms. North Korea has been implicated in some of these hacks.


Pwned HBGary boss cancels public debate after legal threats

Barr barred from no-holds-barred battle

Ex-HBGary chief exec Aaron Barr has abandoned plans to speak at the DefCon security conference in Vegas next week.

Barr was due to take part in a panel discussion on 6 August but cancelled these plans in response to a threatened legal injunction by lawyers acting for his former employers, security blog Threatpost reports.

It's unclear whether or not the panel, entitled 'Whoever Fights Monsters...' Aaron Barr, Anonymous and Ourselves, will go ahead or not without its main attraction. Barr and fellow panel members Joshua Corman and Jericho of Attrition.org were due to debate the activities of LulzSec and Anonymous as well as the US military's interest in cyberwar.


Canadian Fish Scientist 'Muzzled' by Government

Sockeye Salmon
© David Menke

A scientific study of fish genes has turned a spotlight on a lesser-known facet of the Canadian government: rigid control over its scientists' contact with the media. In an article published online yesterday, Postmedia News reporter Margaret Munro reported that fish scientist Kristi Miller had been forbidden by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) to talk with the media about her genomic analysis of sockeye salmon. The story, based on 792 pages of e-mail and memos that Munro requested under the country's Access to Information Act, has left Canadian science writers fuming about what they call the latest of many examples of unwarranted muzzling.

Miller's paper, which was published in Science in January, is part of an effort to discover why sockeye in the Fraser River in western Canada began dying in record numbers in 2007. It's a contentious and highly political topic in British Columbia, enmeshed in larger debates over the rights of commercial fisheries versus indigenous peoples and whether salmon farms might be in some way responsible for the die-off that threatens to wipe out the $1 billion industry. The reason for the decline is unknown, but Miller's tour-de-force genomic study identified a set of genes expressed at unusual levels in the diseased salmon: genes associated with fighting infection or leukemia. Perhaps, the authors concluded, the mysterious death was due to "a virus infecting fish before river entry and that persists to the spawning areas."

The article impressed other scientists, and media outlets deluged Miller and DFO media officer Diane Lake with requests for interviews, Munro's article says. Like scientists in most government agencies in Canada, Miller must get clearance from her agency's media office before talking with reporters. This time, DFO said no. The reason: Miller's position as an expert for the Cohen Commission, a task force set up by the Prime Minister in 2009 to investigate the cause of the salmon death. According to Munro's article, Miller will be testifying before the commission in August.


The Looting Of America: The Federal Reserve Made $16 Trillion In Secret Loans To Their Bankster Friends And The Media Is Ignoring The Eye-Popping Corruption That Has Been Uncovered


A one-time limited GAO audit of the Federal Reserve that was mandated by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act has uncovered some eye-popping corruption at the Fed and the mainstream media is barely even covering it. It turns out that the Federal Reserve made $16.1 trillion in secret loans to their bankster friends during the financial crisis. You can read a copy of the GAO investigation for yourself right here. These loans only went to the "too big to fail" banks and to foreign financial institutions. Not a penny of these loans went to small banks or to ordinary Americans. Not only did the banksters get trillions in nearly interest-free loans, but the Fed actually paid them over 600 million dollars to help run the emergency lending program. The GAO investigation revealed some absolutely stunning conflicts of interest, and yet the mainstream media does not even seem interested. Solid evidence of the looting of America has been put right in front of us, and yet hardly anyone wants to talk about it.

Many Americans have a hard time grasping just how large 16.1 trillion dollars is. It is an amount of money that is almost inconceivable. It is more than the GDP of the United States for an entire year. It is more than the U.S. government has spent over the last four years combined.

The Federal Reserve was just creating gigantic piles of cash out of thin air and throwing them around with wild abandon.

Star of David

5.8 Million Israelis Get 100 Billion In US Tax Dollars While American States Are Falling Apart

A foreign country with the population the size of Wisconsin is getting $100 billion in USA tax Dollars while states all around our Union are going Bankrupt. 5.8 million Israelis Get 100 Billion In US Tax Dollars While American States Are Falling Apart. Israel is a criminal kabbal and must be stopped for good. Better 5.8 million go than 350 million in the USA.


Iran to UN: Israel behind scientist's murder

Iranian senior official demands UN's Human Rights Council investigate Daryoush Rezayeenejad's assassination.

© UnknownRezayeenejad with his daughter
Iran has submitted a letter to the UN's Human Rights Council demanding an investigation into the assassination of Daryoush Rezayeenejad last week.

Javad Larijani, the secretary general of Iran's High Council of Human Rights, accused Israel and the West of assassinating an electrical engineering graduate student.

"The UN Security Council issues a resolution and makes a list of our scientists, then some terrorists who receive money from the CIA and the Mossad kill them. This is a very clear game and strong action should be taken about it," he said.

Star of David

Israel to U.N.: No unilateral Palestine

Ron Prosor
© Ian JonesIsraeli Ambassador Ron Prosor
Israel's United Nations ambassador told the Security Council Tuesday the move for Palestinian statehood in September will not advance peace in the region.

At the monthly U.N. debate on the Middle East situation in New York, Israeli Ambassador Ron Prosor turned to the Palestinian ambassador, Riyad Mansour, and asked: "On behalf of whom will you present a resolution in September? ... [Palestinian President Mahmoud] Abbas or Hamas? Will it be on behalf of both the Palestinian Authority and the Hamas terrorist organization, which advances a charter calling for the destruction of Israel and the murder of Jews? Will it be on behalf of Akram Haniyeh the PA's chief spokesman or Ismail Haniyeh, the Hamas prime minister in Gaza?" Haaretz and The Jerusalem Post reported.


UK data watchdog 'looking into' Google+ mission creep

Google + Profiles - pseudonyms = privacy headache?

Blighty's Information Commissioner's Office is currently "looking into" Google's recent ID verification rejig, The Register has learned.

A spokeswoman confirmed to us yesterday that no formal investigation is yet underway, but the ICO is nonetheless using official man-hours probing Mountain View's recent changes to its profiles and username sign-ups.

Google, in the meantime, has clarified its position on the Chocolate Factory's newly installed common name profiles policy that has been created to place its social network project, Google+, at centre stage within its online estate.

The company's product veep Bradley Horowitz responded to recent criticism levelled against Google's identity verification tweaks, which in the next few days will lead to the mass deletion of private profiles for the firm's products.

Meanwhile, the Google ID screws have been tightened elsewhere. For example, wannabe Gmail users are now required to insert their real names when creating an account.


Hacking scandal starts to spread beyond News Corp

Uneasy faces and sweaty palms all along Fleet Street

Trinity Mirror Group Plc - owner of the Daily Mirror, Daily Record and The People, is opening an internal investigation into ethics and editorial procedures.

The company, which also owns 160 regional papers, has struggled to move its papers online and has watched its share price drop from 571 pence in 2007 to 43 pence today.

A spokesman for the Mirror Group said: "We can confirm that we're conducting a review of editorial controls and procedures."

The group last conducted such a probe in 2004 in the wake of the Hutton Inquiry into the BBC and the death of David Kelly.