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Thu, 02 Dec 2021
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Ze'ev (Zeev) Jabotinsky-A Brief Biography & Quotes

BASED On Declassified Israeli Documents & Personal Diaries


Ze'ev (Zeev) Jabotinsky

Ze'ev Jabotinsky was born 1880 in Odessa-Tsarist Russia to a liberal Jewish family. He is considered to be the most important right-wing Revisionist Movement member (which eventually evolved into the post-1948 Herut Party, and later became the Likud Party), who provided the ideological map for its future policies. At an early stage Jabotinsky was involved in organizing a militia to defend the Jews of Odessa, and in 1903 he went to Kishinev to cover the aftermath of its infamous pogrom. He worked as a journalist in Rome and Vienna and at an early age began to devote his outstanding skills as a writer, orator, translator, and polemicist for the Zionist cause. During WWI, Jabotinsky had promoted the establishment of Jewish fighting units within the Allied armies and was one of the founders of the Haganah (the Zionists paramilitary militia-army before the 1948 war).


The Big Lie - NATO's Killing Fields In Afghanistan


"The biggest lesson I learned from Vietnam is not to trust [our own] government statements-I had no idea until then that you could not rely on [them]."James W. Fulbright (1905-1995), former US senator
The misery and wholesale destruction in Afghanistan continues though it hardly makes it to the headlines anymore. The civilian population suffer not only due to lack of basic infrastructure and food, but also because they are becoming increasing targets of NATO aerial bombings. The new commander in chief of the NATO forces American General Dan McNeill is a strong advocate for massive air power, which has earned him the name 'Bomber McNeill'. The consequence is a sharp rise in civilian casualties.


Iraq bombs: 500 die in worst terror attack

The death toll in the co-ordinated suicide bomb attack on the minority Yazidi sect in northern Iraq could be as high as 500, medics have said.

The American military said that there was little hope of finding anyone still alive in the rubble of scores of houses destroyed in two remote villgers by at least four suicide bombers on Tuesday evening.

Many of the wounded and dead were children


Ridiculous! Internet is "the new Afghanistan": NY police commissioner

NEW YORK - The Internet is the new battleground against Islamist extremism because it provides ideology that could radicalize Westerners who might then initiate home-grown attacks, New York police commissioner Raymond Kelly said on Wednesday.

Comment: Can it get any more insane??? Uhhhh, don't answer that!

Evil Rays

New York Council Seeks New Ban on Smoking by Parents in Cars

Smokers have already been banned from New York bars and restaurants, and soon they could be prohibited from lighting up in cars carrying minors, an idea giving added fuel to critics who say the city has become a nanny state.

A City Council member of Queens who is chairman of the council's Environmental Protection Committee, James Gennaro, said he is planning to introduce the smoking bill next week.

Bad Guys

Palestine: a policy of deliberate blindness

Last year President Jacques Chirac asked Régis Debray to study the situation in the Middle East. On 15 January 2007 Debray sent the French authorities the following document on Palestine. It is an important key to understanding a long policy drift whose results are now obvious.

Dennis Ross, formerly the United States envoy to the Middle East, admitted back in 2000 that mistakes had been made in the 1978 Camp David accords: the diplomatic process had not taken enough account of developments on the ground, especially the settlements. The number of Jewish settlers in the Palestinian territories doubled from 1994 to 2000. As many Israelis have settled in the West Bank since the Oslo accords of 1993 as in the previous 25 years. With an international conference again being discussed, it would be a mistake to continue to ignore the real state of affairs. There is no need for a committee of inquiry. The report has already been drawn up, many times over. No conflict in the world is as well documented, mapped and recorded.

The OCHA (Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs), a United Nations agency, keeps up-to-date, detailed maps of the disputed territories, with photographs, population counts and graphs. It takes an hour to look at them, but doing so might forestall some of the never-ending statements of good intentions.

Comment: Truth be told, all European governments seem to be playing Israel's game. They are all taken in by deception. And the Palestinians are left helpless and alone in the concentration camps of Gaza and West Bank, where slowly but surely, are being exterminated.


Disaster looms as 'Saddam dam' struggles to hold back the Tigris

As world attention focuses on the daily slaughter in Iraq, a devastating disaster is impending in the north of the country, where the wall of a dam holding back the Tigris river north of Mosul city is in danger of imminent collapse.

"It could go at any minute," says a senior aid worker who has knowledge of the struggle by US and Iraqi engineers to save the dam. "The potential for disaster is very great."

No Entry

Chirac knows cause of Arafat's death

An aide to the late Palestinian President says the former French President Jacques Chirac knows the circumstances of Arafat's death.


Tancredo Again Calls for Bombing Mecca, Medina

After presidential selectee hopeful and neocon psychopath Tom Tancredo once again suggested bombing Mecca and Medina as "the best way he can think of to deter a nuclear terrorist attack on the US," according to the International News, a Washington-based Islamic civil rights and advocacy group declared his threat "unworthy of anyone seeking public office in the United States." In fact, as a psychopath, Tancredo has the required skillset for office, although as a one percenter at the bottom of the potential selectee heap he won't be taking up residency at the White House.


France-Libya arms deal "nothing to do" with Bulgarian medics' release

A top French official said Saturday that the possibility of a deal in exchange for Libya's release of Bulgarian medics was "a subject that never came up in our discussions."

France confirmed Friday that Libya had reached a major arms deal with the European aerospace giant EADS, the first since a weapons embargo was lifted on Tripoli in 2004 and a potential source of embarrassment for President Nicolas Sarkozy.