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U.S. forces in Britain: 70 years of foreign troops?‏

harrogate protests raf
© Christopher ThomondProtests at RAF Menwith Hill near Harrogate, North Yorkshire, which is in effect a US missile defence base.
It's almost never discussed in the political mainstream. But thousands of foreign troops have now been stationed in Britain for more than 70 years. There's been nothing like it since the Norman invasion. With the 15-month Dutch occupation of London in 1688-9 a distant competitor, there has been no precedent since 1066 for the presence of American forces in a string of military bases for the better part of a century.

They arrived in 1942 to fight Nazi Germany. But they didn't head home in 1945; instead, they stayed on for the 40-odd years of the cold war, supposedly to repel invasion from the Soviet Union. Nor did they leave when the cold war ended and the Soviet Union collapsed, but were invited to remain as the pivot of the anti-Soviet Nato alliance.

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The US Government would support the devil himself - Dr. Parenti interview

US Devil collage
© Voice of Russia
One of the ways that western imperialists justify their military expansion and conquering country after is by putting on a "messianic front" and demonizing countries that follow independent policies. The US and the West use pretexts such as mass killings to launch attacks under the flag of fighting "humanitarian" wars paired with demonization to stop leaders like Milošević, Gaddafi, Hussein and Assad while at the same time supporting some of the worst dictators and leaders in history. According to well-known scholar Dr. Michael Parenti, the US would support the devil himself and has absolutely no virtue whatsoever, not even supporting its own people! To the US/West there are only two kinds of countries: satellites and enemies. Any country that is independent and can shut out the US and Western plutocracy gets in the way of profits and dominance and has to be destroyed. Dr. Parenti says there is a class war going on to make the world safe for global capitalism. It is disguised behind things like security, democratic elections, humanitarian wars, genocide and terrorism, but in reality it is world war of domination.

Comment: For the first part of the interview see:

Michael Parenti: U.S. Empire successful in stopping the betterment of the world's people

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Kiev: Another Sarajevo?‏

Kiev protests
© RIA Novosti/Alexey KudenkoSupporters of Ukraine's EU integration in Kiev's Independence Square.
As violence and mayhem surge in Ukraine's capitol, Kiev, fear is growing that Europe, the United States and Russia may be on a collision course.

Ukraine's latest crisis began last November after Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych refused to sign an economic cooperation/integration pact with the European Union. Instead, near bankrupt Kiev accepted a Russian offer to supply heavily discounted natural gas and a pledge to buy billions worth of its shaky bonds.

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Snowden says 'I acted alone' and rubbishes Russian complicity claims

© APFormer NSA analyst Edward Snowden told New Yorker magazine in an encrypted interview from Moscow that he was not a Russian spy.
Former US spy agency contractor Edward Snowden said he acted alone in leaking US government secrets and that suggestions by some politicians he might have had help from Russia were "absurd'', the New Yorker magazine reported on Tuesday.

In an interview the magazine said was conducted by encrypted means from Moscow, Snowden was quoted as saying: "This 'Russian spy' push is absurd."

Snowden said he "clearly and unambiguously acted alone, with no help from anyone, much less a government".

"It won't stick. ... Because it's clearly false, and the American people are smarter than politicians think they are," the New Yorker quoted Snowden as saying.

The head of the US House of Representatives intelligence committee said on Sunday he was investigating whether Snowden had help from Russia in stealing and revealing US government secrets.

"I believe there's a reason he ended up in the hands - the loving arms - of an FSB agent in Moscow. I don't think that's a coincidence," Representative Mike Rogers told NBC's Meet the Press, referring to the Russian intelligence agency that is a successor of the Soviet-era KGB.

Rogers did not provide specific evidence to back his suggestions of Russian involvement in Snowden's activities, but said: "Some of the things we're finding we would call clues that certainly would indicate to me that he had some help."


Best of the Web: Bulgaria is on the verge of collapse, and right-wing extremism is on the rise


On the evening of November 9, half a dozen heavily intoxicated Bulgarian skinheads set out for a house in the center of the capital, Sofia, where a group of Syrian refugees had found shelter. They broke its front door and windows, and when driven away by the frightened inhabitants they vented their rage on an ethnic Turkish Bulgarian who happened to be passing nearby - and whom they later said they mistook for a Syrian - sending him to the hospital with a badly fractured skull and multiple other injuries. A group of locals sitting at a nearby cafe called the police as they watched the victim's blood splash on the pavement, but according to local news only one bystander attempted, unsuccessfully, to intervene.

Xenophobic attacks such as this one have become an almost daily reality in Bulgaria, where political and economic turmoil have created a widespread crisis of confidence. With more than six months of continuous daily protests in front of the Parliament, students barricaded in Sofia's main university since October, and a rising tide of ultranationalism and intolerance, many fear that the European Union's poorest member will collapse.ary


Nigel Farage hailed as hero in Greece for telling their PM that his country is now under foreign control

nigel Farage
Nigel Farage
Ukip leader claims he received deluge of support after giving Antonis Samaras a dressing down in European parliament

As unlikely as it might once have seemed, the Ukip leader, Nigel Farage, is being hailed as a hero in Greece after an extraordinary outburst against the Greek prime minister, Antonis Samaras, in the European parliament last week.

In a departure from the contempt usually reserved for foreigners criticising their country, Greeks from across the political spectrum have welcomed the Briton's savage dressing down of Samaras - just as he was savouring the glory of crisis-plagued Athens assuming the rotating EU presidency.

Comment: The politicians in Greece have been playing the bail-me-and-you-own-me game with the controllers of the EU for far too long, yet not prioritizing to find solutions for the myriad socioeconomic problems that weight the already exhausted population. Instead, they gave up the fate of their country and people to foreign - and malevolent - hands, so as to save their own behinds and keep their standing and privileges.

Catastroika: How the Shock Doctrine came to Greece
Greece is governed by a corrupt clique, says Kostas Vaxevanis
The economic collapse of Greece explained (video animation)

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Syria: Who are the Real War Criminals?

The Western media, Amnesty International and various other self proclaimed humanitarian organizations are running a war propaganda campaign against Syria following the release of thousands of photographs.

This slur of disinformation focusing on alleged atrocities committed by the Syrian government has coincided in a timely fashion with the Geneva 2 Peace Talks.

According to reports, an alleged "Syrian military police photographer" supplied "clear evidence showing the systematic torture and killing of about 11,000 detainees in circumstances that evoked Nazi death camps".(CBC, January 21, 2014)
"One of the prosecutors said the evidence documented "industrial scale killing" that was reminiscent of the Second World War concentration camps of Belsen and Auschwitz."Bearing signs of torture, some of the corpses had no eyes. Others showed signs of strangulation or electrocution. (Ibid)
According to Amnesty International the images are "conclusive":
Beaten, burned, bruised, strangled bodies lying on a dirty floor. Some show signs of starvation, others are missing their eyes. A number of them appear to have been electrocuted. The horror is nearly impossible to describe. (Ibid)
While the mainstream media points to "clear evidence", it nonetheless acknowledges that the identity of the alleged police informer codenamed Caesar is unknown and that the authenticity of the photos cannot be determined.

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Shareholder resolution wants Monsanto to disclose financial risks from GMOs

Shareholders and stakeholders of Monsanto should start wondering about where their money lies, where it's actually going, and if it will last. While the world is left largely in the dark about safety risks and labeling, some of Monsanto's shareholders are just as closed off from the reality of their investment risks from the company's damaging business practices and spending.

A resolution re-filed by Harrington Investments, Inc (HII) asked Monsanto's Board of Directors to prepare a report assessing the actual and potential financial risks posed to their shareholders by GMO operations. Everything from the cost of anti-GMO labeling campaigns to the devastating fallout from revelations of crop contamination hitting farmers across the globe and legal spending to aggressively pur"sue" small farmers for patent infringement.

HII is calculating the sum total of Monsanto's actions calling it a "corporate empire" financially committed to denial.


Western propaganda: Putin interviewed on anti-gay laws

George Stephanopoulos interviews Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi about Russia's anti-gay propaganda laws.

Comment: Why do people keep missing the point that what Putin is saying is that gays may not agitate for, or propagandize their lifestyle in public. Otherwise, they are left alone. What is so weird about that? Our societies are being degraded and even destroyed - immense human suffering - thanks to sexually oriented promotions of all sorts, heterosexual, pedophiliac, S&M, and homosexual. It's time to call a halt. Human beings should aspire to more than to be mainly categorized by their sexual orientation.


Nigeria's new anti-gay law is just a smokescreen for widespread corruption and inequality

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan
© Akintunde AkinleyeNigerian President Goodluck Jonathan
At the beginning of this week, Kenyan author Binyavanga Wainaina made news around the world by coming out in an article first published by Africa is a Country and then by The Guardian. After the articles were spread, Wainaina became, in the words of the BBC, "one of the most high profile Africans" to disclose that he was gay.

The Kenyan's decision to write publicly about his sexuality was inspired, in part, by Nigeria's Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act, which was signed into law earlier this month. Wainaina has since tweeted: "private pains of so many africans jamming my inboxes. deaths, beatings, public shames, blackmails, overnight jail cells. betrayed love."

The law is a throwback to the days of the country's military dictatorship, and makes it illegal for gay people to even hold a meeting. It criminalises gay clubs, associations and organisations, and threatens those involved with them with 14 years in prison. And if you don't report "suspected homosexuals", you could receive up to five years in jail yourself. The law also states that anyone who "directly or indirectly makes [a] public show of [a] same-sex amorous relationship in Nigeria commits an offence and shall each be liable on conviction to a term of ten years in prison".