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Bizarro Earth

Cannibal turns vegetarian after joining Green group

The world's most infamous cannibal has become a vegetarian.

Armin Meiwes - he killed, filleted, froze and ate a man he met in an internet chatroom in Germany - is also the recently elected leader of an environmentalist group in the prison where he is serving life for his crime.


Nuts! U.S. officials demanding halt to indirect Israel imports of Iranian pistachio nuts

It's not just Iran's nuclear program that's causing problems for Israel and the U.S. - it's also Iran's pistachio nuts.

The reddish nuts are landing in Israeli shops after funneling through Turkey, violating Israeli law that bans all Iranian imports and angering American officials who are urging Israel to crack down as part of their attempt to keep Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

U.S. Undersecretary of Agriculture Mark Keenum said in a meeting with Israeli officials in Rome on Monday that the pistachio imports must stop, a U.S. official confirmed Wednesday. Both the U.S. and Israel have been pushing for new U.N. sanctions to persuade Iran to abandon its nuclear program. Iran insists its ambitions are peaceful.

Comment: No, it's not satire ;-)


Yes, but which is the better actor?

U.S. presidential candidate or mutant lizard?

Black Cat

The real face of Rudy Guiliani

By daylight and by the light of a full moon...


Dog owners go barking mad for fancy dress

Darth Labrador. Dogzilla. Elvis the hound dog. No outfit is too outrageous for man's best friend.

©REUTERS/Angels Fancy Dress/Handout
A dog wears a witch costume in this undated photograph released in London November 20, 2007.


Stowaway piglet survives toilet roll ordeal

London - A piglet nicknamed Andrex is recovering after being found in the back of a truck full of toilet paper at a supermarket.

An injured piglet found among a delivery at Tesco in Ilkeston, Derbyshire and nicknamed "Andrex" is shown in this handout photo, November 20, 2007.

The animal, thought to be two or three weeks old, was discovered in a delivery at a Tesco store in Ilkeston, Derbyshire.


Rolling in cash

All Linda Katz had to do was step outside of her house to make thousands on the Internet. Now the Midwestern entrepreneur is building a business selling a piece of the old west online: tumbleweeds.


2 Drunk Drivers Slam Into Same Business

HIGHLAND TOWNSHIP, Mich. - Police said two men face drunken driving charges after losing control of their cars and simultaneously driving into the same business.

Bizarro Earth

Spain: King's outburst generates £1m-worth of ringtones

When the Spanish king Juan Carlos turned to Hugo Chavez and said to him, a touch irritably, "Why don't you shut up?", little did he know that his breach of diplomatic protocol would become a smash hit across the country.

Were the king to claim image rights over his less-than-diplomatic outburst, he could find himself a nice little earner, as those five famous words have become a multi-million euro business, selling ringtones, mugs, T-shirts and websites.

According to David Bravo, a lawyer specialising in IT law and intellectual property, "the use of the sentence 'why don't you shut up?' in ringtones ... is a violation of his image rights".


Evolution wars take a bizarre twist

In a bizarre twist to the evolution wars, supporters of intelligent design are accusing the producers of a TV science documentary series of bringing religion into US classrooms. The Discovery Institute, based in Seattle, Washington, alleges that teaching materials accompanying Judgment Day: Intelligent design on trial, broadcast on 13 November, encourage unconstitutional teaching practices.

The teaching package states: "Q: Can you accept evolution and still believe in religion? A: Yes. The common view that evolution is inherently anti-religious is simply false." According to Casey Luskin, an attorney with the Discovery Institute, this answer favours one religious viewpoint, arguably violating the US constitution. "We're afraid that teachers might get sued," he says.