© AP Photo / Franc ZhurdaFrench president Emmanuel Macron
The French leader is said to be "totally freaked out by the Russians" amid his own efforts to antagonize Moscow

French president Emmanuel Macron's concerns for his own personal safety are being amplified by his public statements and tough stance on the Ukraine conflict, Marianne magazine reported on Sunday.

The magazine spoke to multiple sources within Macron's security detail, the country's Interior Ministry, and to his notorious ex-bodyguard Alexandre Benalla. During his time with Macron's security team, Benalla became embroiled in multiple scandals, including beating up demonstrators alongside riot police during the Yellow Vest protests.

Macron has always been concerned with his personal security, Benalla claimed, revealing the president had bolstered the ranks of his guard right after assuming office.

"As soon as we arrived at the Elysee, the staff responsible for the president's security were immediately doubled compared to those responsible for that of [predecessor] Francois Hollande," the disgraced bodyguard explained.

The Yellow Vests protests, which have plagued Macron's presidency throughout his first term and beyond, have left a dent. Macron's spouse Brigitte has been particularly concerned that her husband would ultimately end up assassinated, Benalla claims.

"She was always very worried about him. At home, there is the fear of 'Kennedy syndrome,' that he will end up assassinated," the insider reportedly claimed.

The situation has deteriorated further as a result of Macron's determination to present himself as a hawk on the conflict between Moscow and Kiev. The president's security team has been working in "red" mode since at least last summer, an unnamed source "at the heart" of Macron's guard system told the magazine.

"Recently, he is provoking so much that he is afraid," a source at the heart of the Macron security system confided. "Since last summer, he has taken on some big guys to accompany him. They are more visible and also more effective in intervening in the event of a crowd movement."

The French president is apparently not afraid of facing off angry citizens as is, but rather fears the alleged Russian "hybrid threat," the report suggested. He has repeatedly voiced concerns over "state-level" threats emanating from abroad, while in private blaming the alleged threat exclusively on Moscow, and creating a special taskforce to tackle it.

"Macron is totally freaked out by the Russians. One morning, he arrived at the intelligence services and requested the creation of a special task force on Russian interference overnight. Colleagues have to hold a meeting daily, it doesn't excite them much," a senior official with the Interior Ministry told Marianne.