Electric Bus
© solarisbus.comThe city of Oslo only bought 183 electric buses from Solaris in April 2023.
Oslo, Norway - Winter is here and with it the freezing cold. And now public transport is also paralyzed. Oslo's brand new fleet of electric buses is not designed for these temperatures - their batteries are failing miserably in the icy cold.

Too cold for the batteries - Brand new electric buses paralyzed in Oslo

The transport operator confirms that the electric buses are simply not reliable enough in winter: "The range of the electric buses decreases drastically in the cold. The batteries run out more quickly." In total, around 140 departures were affected.

Oslo wants to make local public transport completely emission-free. This is why 183 new electric articulated buses were delivered in April 2023. The 100 million euro contract for this was signed last year. The buses are to run on Oslo's busiest routes.

The new buses from Solaris were highly praised in advance and everything went well during the summer. But now, with the onset of winter, the weaknesses of the electric vehicles are becoming apparent: although a range of 250 kilometers is actually advertised, the buses sometimes simply break down.