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Since October 7, data from the Population and Immigration Authority reveals that Israelis that approximately 370,000 Israelis have left the country with the latest update spanning to the end of November. According to the statistics, Israelis are increasingly seeking refuge abroad, particularly in Europe, with a growing interest in purchasing real estate across several European countries.

Israeli economic newspaper, "The Marker" highlighted that Isreali families have been showing keen interest in buying real estate and homes abroad since October 7. By the end of October, about 230,309 Israelis immigrated, while an additional 139,839 left during November, according to the data and in tandem with Israel's Ministry of Interior, Jo24 reported.

This number could actually be higher at 500,000 Israelis leaving the country

Meanwhile, estimates from the website "Zaman Yisrael" suggest that this number could be higher, with reports indicating that over 500,000 Israelis have left the country, surpassing the number of returnees and new immigrants. The website anticipates a potential increase in departures, particularly among Israelis who were already residing abroad or traveling during the Jewish holidays in September.

Furthermore, Israel's war on Gaza has significantly reduced the influx of tourists coming into Israel, with only 2,000 immigrants arriving since October 7, compared to the average of about 4,500 before the war.

This signifies a decline of over 70 percent in immigration rates to Israel.

Jolie, a 34-year-old who recently joined the Israeli community in Portugal, shared her story with The Marker newspaper. Having fled Ashkelon due to the war on Gaza, she expressed no intention of returning to live in the country. Jolie recounted her immigration to Israel in 1995 and her current employment in Lisbon as a content filtering supervisor.

Portugal, Greece, and Cyprus

Journalist Shlomit Lin's report in The Marker newspaper aligns with estimates and data analysis conducted by Tani Goldstein, emphasizing the trend of Israelis seeking refuge and real estate in countries such as Greece, Cyprus, and Portugal.

The newspaper highlighted the case of the Lafaei family, owners of a real estate investment company, who moved to Porto, Portugal, six years ago. The influx of Israelis to Portugal has increased during the war on Gaza, with many initially coming to escape and subsequently exploring possibilities for long-term residence.

Comment: For those Israelis used to treating the indigenous inhabitants as worse than 2nd class citizens, this might be quite the culture shock.

20 percent of Israeli families expressed interest in buying property outside of Israel

The return of Israeli interest in purchasing real estate abroad was noted in a survey conducted by the Geographic Mapping Group of the Real Estate Center last September. Approximately 20 percent of Israeli families expressed interest in buying property outside the country, with Greece leading at 38 percent, followed by the United States at 30 percent, and then Cyprus and Portugal.

A month after the aggression, real estate offices for Israelis abroad reported an increase in inquiries from individuals and families seeking to buy property in Portugal, Greece, and Cyprus. Previously, discussions revolved around investment in real estate and tourist apartments, but now there's a shift towards seeking larger apartments suitable for families.

Nir Shmol, CEO of a real estate company in Athens, noted that during the war on Gaza, many Israelis moved to live in tourist apartments in various locations, and now, as Israel's aggressions persist, hundreds of Israeli families are considering permanent residence in Greece. They are exploring options for work, residence, and future stability abroad while expressing a desire to live among the Jewish community.