The National Service for Disaster Prevention and Response (Senapred) has declared a red alert for the Marga Marga Province due to the wildfires that have affected Villa Alemana and Limache. At least 370 hectares have been affected by the fires in both municipalities of the Valparaíso Region.

The fire is close to populated sectors and has affected an area of at least 70 hectares in Limache, prompting the deployment of a technician, nine brigades, two helicopters, four planes, and a tanker truck from Conaf, in addition to personnel from the Limache Fire Department and the municipality.

Increasing Threat to Populated Areas

Later, the development of the Patagual fire was also confirmed in Villa Alemana, which has consumed at least 300 hectares and is also located near populated sectors. The red alert has also been declared for the commune of Valparaíso due to a forest fire threatening an area of the Lago Peñuelas National Reserve.

Response to the Crisis

The National Service for Disaster Prevention and Response, Senapred, declared a Red Alert for the province of Marga Marga, in the Valparaíso region, due to the development of two forest fires in the municipalities of Limache and Villa Alemana. Both emergencies are developing in areas close to populated sectors.

Multiple Fires across the Region

The National Service for Disaster Prevention and Response (Senapred) declared a red alert for the communes of Valparaíso and Santo Domingo and the Province of Marga Marga due to three forest fires recorded this Saturday. The focus named 'Deslinde La Flecha' affects the Ciudad Puerto, where it has burned 0.2 hectares. In Marga Marga, two forest fires are occurring that threaten populated sectors. One of these, named 'Cajón del Lebu', is registered in the municipality of Limache, where it has preliminarily consumed around 70 hectares. The other focus, 'Patagual', has advanced in 300 hectares in Villa Alemana.