At present, 3,442 displaced persons remain.

In the northwest region, over 3 thousand people have been displaced from their homes due to the flooding caused by the overflow of the Uruguay river.

The National Water Directorate of the Ministry of Environment forecasts that the level of the river will rise in the department of Salto in the next few days in the range of five to 10 centimeters per day and the probability of reaching up to 14.40 meters.

At present, 3,442 displaced persons remain: 249 are evacuated and 3,193 are self-evident. Of that total, 179 are in Artigas, 1,170 in Salto and 2,093 in Paysandú sais the Uruguayan government on its official website.

In each department, the Departmental Emergency Committees (CDE) through the Departmental Emergency Coordination Centers (CECOED) provide comprehensive care for evacuees, added the authorities.

The State Sanitary Works (OSE) authorized 100% exemption from fixed charges and variable charges for drinking water and sanitation.

Other of the emergency measures taken by the Uruguayan State are the distribution educational materials for the educational recreation of children in the context of emergency.

The National Power Plant and Power Transmission Administration (UTE, public company of the Energy) authorized measures ranging from: 10% daily discounts on invoices up to 100% based on previous month's consumption; extension of the invoice due date; free reconnection of deleted services; and free installation of differential keys.