David Grusch US intelligence
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David Grusch, a former U.S. intelligence official, testifies Wednesday at a House Oversight Committee hearing about unidentified aerial phenomena.

Comment: This interview was published over a month ago. What follows is a translation produced by DeepL, as it is not available in English.

Slowly the realization is dawning that we are not alone in the immense universe. In the U.S. in particular, that discussion has taken off after several presidents set up committees that are seriously working on uaps (unidentified aerial phenomenon). New Revu spoke with UFO whistleblower David Grusch, who reveals the existence and possession of UFOs and bodies of non-terrestrial pilots.

Before we go to the interview with David Grusch, let's take a brief history: for two years now I have been covering everything about UFOs/uaps for New Revu. Two weeks ago, both I and two more Dutch journalists received the suspected evidence of extraterrestrial existence from my source who wishes to remain anonymous for now. We were shown a preview of the interview in which CIA whistleblower David Grusch steps out of the shadow of his secrecy within the uap task force and reveals that the Americans appear to have been in possession of UFOs/uaps for decades.

We were also presented with documents endorsing these claims by Grusch. These UFOs, according to Grusch, have either been crashed and salvaged by secret services over the past 90 years or unearthed as if they were an archaeological find. Since then, according to insiders of this renowned whistleblower, very select organizations have been trying to figure out how the crashed, presumably non-terrestrial devices work. According to these insiders, the technology used is light years ahead of our technology, which would explain the great importance of the decades of secrecy and cover-ups by the U.S. government and others.

The run-up

We rewind the tape briefly to 2017. To the moment when journalists Lesley Kean and Ralph Blumenthal go public via The New York Times with the historic news that U.S. military fighter jet pilots are using their FLIR in-flight cameras to regularly observe UFOs/ uaps in U.S. airspace. The corresponding leaked images are shared by CNN and soon go around the wide world. It is not a curmudgeonly boy who leaked the images and information, this is Christopher Mellon, the former chief of US intelligence.

Mellon's confidant and henchman Luis (Lue) Elizondo, who led the secret AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Investigation Program) research program for the Pentagon for ten years, becomes the face of "UAP disclosure. In his role as ambassador of the phenomenon, he is doing many interviews, including with yours truly. It marks the starting point of f link rumblings within U.S. political, military and Secret Service ranks.

Feeling excluded from important information about the phenomenon, the U.S. House of Representatives is forcing former President Donald Trump to make one of his last feints within his political career, namely his ultimatum that the secret services be given 180 days to share everything they know about uaps with the House. Some of this information may even be shared with citizens, provided it will not compromise U.S. national security. What is coming out is that over 144 sightings appear to have been made by the military in recent decades that could not be explained other than as uap, i.e., unidentified.

From then on, things begin to bubble and simmer tremendously in Washington. Politicians openly fly at each other and publicly smear each other with mud. Luis Elizondo also had to pay the price. He is framed as a charlatan, as someone who inflates his own role within the Pentagon. He is barely put away as the janitor of the gymnasium. The late Senator Harry Reid (1939-2021), who himself had set up the research program and secured funding for it, rescues Mellon and Elizondo with an official letter confirming that Elizondo had really run the secret AATIP research program after all and is therefore not a charlatan. Yet the duo is relentlessly discredited by enemies with a different agenda in the Capitol. Under great pressure from these anti-campaigns, Mellon and Elizondo decide to step out of the uap spotlight. But under the radar, they continue to make visits to Capitol Hill where they continue to inform senators with an ear to the ground - including Marco Rubio, Mark Warner and Kirsten Gillibrand.

Benevolent political and military whistleblowers vow to bring out more revelations about the phenomenon, and a lively stream of podcasters, journalists and inf luencers emerge to interview anything and anyone who might have something to say about the uap sightings.

However, except for the leaked - poorly judged - footage, not much more comes out. Moreover, these are fragments that lack a clear scientific basis, such as radar data, radio signals or exotic biological trace material, which makes them too inconclusive. The only holdout remains the fact that there were multiple trained military eyewitnesses who saw the same thing at the same time, under the same circumstances, and captured the images of uaps.

Orange Sphere

I also gathered this from interviews I personally had with Luis Elizondo in March and May 2021. In them he disclosed that, according to him, the Pentagon seems to have been troubled for decades by uaps popping up over military air bases where nuclear weapons are stored. That's how I ended up with former Air Force officer Robert Salas, who in 1967 was in charge of the nuclear "minute man missiles" at "Malmstrom Airbase," which were there at the time ready to be fired at Moscow during a nuclear conf lict with the Russians. Salas was in charge of the missiles, and when necessary he had to fire them at Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Salas recounted that one day he received a hysterical phone call from a member of the military police guarding the airport above ground. The panicked MP roared that there was an orange orb hovering over the base, moving aggressively back and forth. Salas rushed to the underground panel where the missile buttons were located and saw them shoot red one by one. Which indicated: missile disabled. So, according to Salas, the uap was disabling its nuclear missiles. Salas also disclosed, as did Elizondo, that this appeared to be the order of the day, and that the military leadership was at a loss about this.

In doing so, Elizondo claimed that America was not the only superpower suffering from uaps. He indicated that both friendly and hostile states (Russia) were observing the same phenomenon and also had not known what to do with it for decades.

In May 2021, I also had the honor of interviewing the late Senator Harry Reid, the politician who not only helped put Bill Clinton and Barack Obama in office, but also single-handedly funded AATIP and its predecessor AWSAP from politics. From parliament, he raised $22 million and the rest of the budget was supplemented by controversial billionaire Robert Bigelow. Senator Reid also said he considers the untouchability of uaps observed by the Air Force and Navy a security risk, and that it is incomprehensible to him why the U.S. government is not doing more with them. He offered a possible explanation, however. Reid once requested to take a look at aviation development company "Lockheed Martin," but he was unceremoniously denied access there.

The Whistleblower

Back to today and to New Revu's interview with David Grusch. A whistleblower who, despite his still valid "top secret security clearance GS-15," decides to reveal the existence of U.S. possession of uaps. Grusch has verifiably been working with the very highest security clearence within the Pentagon, including the uap task force. This is the branch of the Pentagon that does uap research at a more secret level, namely under the umbrella of the NGA (National Geospatial Agency), which has far more information and documentation of possible alien visitation to Earth. According to Grusch, uap research goes back more than eight decades.

In the opinion of Grusch, now no longer active in the uap task force, despite enforced transparency, his organization has not told the U.S. House of Representatives everything about the possession of uaps. Indeed, he claims that there is an organization that operates even more secretly within the Pentagon and has information not shared with the uap task force. However, much has come to his attention in other ways, with backing from military and secret service heavyweights such as his superior, Colonel Karl E. Nell.

Grusch's main claim: exotic biological material in the hands of the U.S. is indeed made from non-human superior technology. Indeed, he speaks of several crashed UFOs as well as even bodies of aliens. Grusch indicates that he has seen and partly possesses documents that prove his claims. The problem, however, is that he is not allowed to show these documents and that his story therefore remains mainly anecdotal since he himself never saw UFOs or aliens during his years of service. However, Grusch also confirms, as does Senator Reid, that Lockheed Martin may possess the salvaged alien technology and is commissioned by the state to apply this new alien technology in their development programs.

I myself was allowed to see these "official documents" a few weeks ago by my anonymous source who is close to Grusch's inner circle, and they seem genuine to me. They bear official logos and are signed by the I.G. - an officially appointed and designated person who must sign for the authenticity of a classified document - or inspector general. There is no question that everything uaps moving within U.S. borders (land, airspace and waters) is and remains strictly secret. But that which does not or has not occurred on sovereign U.S. territory and, moreover, is also quite dated there is no regulation about it (yet). This, however, Grusch can share with the outside world.

The most imaginative revelation is that an American-owned uap/ufo crashed near the northern Italian town of Magenta in the early 1930s. But how did the Americans come into possession of this UFO? In 1933, fascist dictator Benito Mussolini is informed by his panicked secret service of a crashed air vehicle that they do not recognize as anything human. At first the Italians still think the German upstairs neighbors have lost a secret weapon, but they know nothing at all. An Italian version of Area 51 is pulled out of the ground and attempts are made to study the vehicle. During World War II, the Americans invade Italy via Sicily and eventually stumble upon the UFO as well. The object is transported to America and stored in presumably Area 51/ S-4. One Mr. Roberto Pinotti who heads a UFO research organization (ICER) in Italy and was former head of the Italian Secret Service, got his hands on the government documents verified as genuine, according to him through an anonymous benefactor. In them is the cover-up of the Italian secret service through telegram correspondence with Il Duce. In it, the cover-up of the Italian secret service via telegram correspondence with Il Duce can be read. It says freely translated: the media should report that a meteorite struck and not an unknown alien aircraft. Grusch possesses a document that contains a drawing of the UFO, supplemented by notes from someone in Mussolini's entourage. And then there is Grusch's claim that the U.S. is also in possession of two alien bodies, found at the site in Magenta where the uap crash took place in 1933. These, according to Grusch, were also transported to Area 51 and placed in strong water there. The whistleblower added en passant that a total of 11 UFOs were recovered and then hidden from the outside world. High time to put the whistleblower himself to the test.

Are you threatened by what you are bringing out now?

'I can't comment on that, but very unpleasant things have happened both on a personal and career level.'

Why are you ringing the bell?

'I know that the US Department of Defense is withholding crucial information from Congress, specifically the possession of uaps and bodily remains of aliens by our intelligence agencies. They refuse to share crucial information and deny its existence. It is even criminal to withhold it from your executives. That's why I started ringing the bell.

How were you able to do that? Do you have some kind of security clearance?

'That's partly because of the NDAA whistleblower act that guarantees protection for whistleblowers. I filed a complaint in May 2022 and had an intelligence officer testimony prepared.'

How did you get the inspector general to allow you to share information about the Mussoli uap?

'Because this uap crash took place on Italian soil and that, moreover, it happened almost 90 years ago.'

Are only America and Italy involved?

'No, there are also known cases in Russia, for example. It even culminated in a race with the Russians as to who could master uap technology first.'

What is the most important thing this uap technology can offer humanity?

'One of the most egregious facets of withholding the technology is that we could have been generating clean energy for decades, but deliberately continue to pollute the earth with oil. Climate change tech is being withheld. This technology potentially has a huge positive impact on the ecosystem. The Department of Energy, which is also part of the secret services, has some explaining to do because this is a crime against humanity and the earth. We are using the tech for war and not for peace and nature. The people who are withholding this will someday have to apply for amnesty somewhere for crimes against humanity.'

Are there people who have tried to raise this before?

'Yes, but they disappeared, or were gagged with heavy threats. This is life-threatening knowledge.'