Bud Light beer
© Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images
It's a wrap for Bud Light.

Ever since the Anheuser-Busch brand decided to launch an advertising campaign with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney (and I still can't get over how they chose March Madness to do it), they've been absolutely blasted with criticism and lash back.

It's been bad for Bud Light in every way imaginable. From their sales taking a nosedive to their stock prices taking a hit to getting absolutely roasted on social media, the beer giant hasn't been able to catch a break. And their collapse isn't stopping anytime soon either, as I just recently blogged about how their decline is expected to go into the fall โ€” football season! (Bummer)

Well, to their credit, Bud Light keeps marching along like nothing ever happened and is on an aggressive campaign to win back America's heart. But um, it's not working at all. And that's being nice, it's an outright disaster. Just take their latest tweet for example.

"It's Thursday... stock the cooler accordingly," tweeted Bud Light in an attempt at some light-hearted fun with Americans.

But in hilarious fashion (and to no surprise), it absolutely backfired right in Bud Light's face in the form of a roast:

Again, Bud Light?! AGAIN?!?!?

I understand they recently fired the executives who were responsible for the Dylan Mulvaney fiasco โ€” that we exclusively broke here at the Daily Caller โ€” but they're going to have to re-think their current team as well. With everything going on, and the lash back still being at a peak (if we've even gotten to the peak yet), you can't put yourself in situations like this where you easily get roasted. This is just flat out embarrassing.

And the crumble continues. Shame.