Germany moves to roll out a "vegan surveillance state"

The German government's SRU Council on the Environment recommends all citizens be limited to a meat equivalent of just 2 sausages a month in an all-encompassing totalitarian behavior control plan.
Back to the old Communist days, and perhaps even worse.
© East Berlin, 1988. Photo: Laurent Tchedry Warteschlange vor einer Fleischerei, CC BY-SA 3.0
Back to the old Communist days, and perhaps even worse.
In a segment dubbed "The Green Dietary Transformation": ban shock for the barbecue season!", critical German journalist Julian Reichelt (Germany's version of Tucker Carlson) presents "the craziest yet planned green ban": a complete elimination of meat from the human diet in Germany and worldwide.

Germany's Federal Minister of Agriculture, Cem Özdemir (Green Party) is now moving to force Germans to radically stop meat consumption by limiting meat intake to just 10 grams daily, which is equivalent to about 2 burgers a month.

The German government's latest proposal stems from recommendations made by the Sachverständigenrat für Umweltfragen (SRU) - German Advisory Council on the Environment, which is set up to directly advise the German government on policy.

The recommendation is latest effort by Germany's Socialist-Green government to regulate every aspect of human life and to ban everything that contributes modern human prosperity and health.

Radical behavior alterations deemed "a must"

According to the SRU government advisory council, "the manifold environmental crises of our time" can only be overcome by radically altering human behavior, which means "the way we live, consume, move and feed ourselves." (page 11).

In his Youtube video, Mr. Reichelt presents some excerpts of the SRU recommendations to the German government:
    1. The government is gearing up to make meat so expensive that few people will be able to afford it.
    2. Children ar to be instilled with new "values" and pitted against their parents.
    3. The government will make meat disappear from view everywhere.
Most radical measure in German history

The 222-page government SRU report has it all down, black on white. This is not conspiracy theory. It's the blue print for the future of humanity, authored by a small group of elitist Germans who believe they know what's best for the entire world.

According to Reichelt: "What's coming at us from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture is nothing less than the largest, most radical and comprehensive upbringing measure in the history of the Federal republic of Germany." [...] "The language in this document sounds like it comes directly out of the utopia of a vegan surveillance state."

High tax on meat

The SRU recommends increasing the tax on meat to a level that would make unaffordable for the lower income working class, for whom a barbecue is one of the few remaining pleasures left to enjoy after a hard day's work.
Meat Restriction
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The SRU expert advisors to the German government also recommend eliminating meat from school cafeterias and instilling "new values and norms" in children with the aim of further psychologically pressuring and shaming families away from meat consumption.

Of course the government is advised to implement these radical nutritional measures as stealthily as possible. In the SRU document:
If it's communicated in the future that cafeterias are required to follow the quality standards of the German Association of Nutrition, and it not be mentioned that it's about a reduced amount of meat being offered, then there would possibly be less attack from the media."
Meat should be difficult to access

In the event citizens insist on meat, then it should be made so that is hidden away and made difficult to find, advises the SRU - "like X-rated movies at a video store, hidden from sight in another room," comments Reichelt. "Whoever reaches for it, should be ashamed."

Taken off restaurant menus

At restaurants and other public eateries, meat would not appear at all on the menus, and would only be offered on a separate menu that would be handed to the patron only upon request. That's a recommendation made by the government's very own SRU advisory board.

The SRU advisory council have even gone so far as to recommend overhauling supermarket shopping carts in a way that would promote the purchase of vegetables and plant-based foods, and discourage meat buying. It's all written in the SRU report. It's no conspiracy theory.

Do as I say, not as I do

What about the government officials themselves? Would they follow there own rules? Of course not. It turns out that Agriculture Minister Özdemir is hearty meat-eater himself. His wife was recently videoed preparing a 2-kg steak:

Carving Steak
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Cropped from Achtung Reichelt
That recording has since been removed from most of the Internet.

At last year's Oktoberfest in Munich, Green Party leaders were recorded enjoying a huge plate of meat sausage while guzzling beer from their mugs. The elitists have no intention of following their own rules.