What's happened to Maria Zee is a sign of what's in store for all of us.
Maria Zee
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In Soviet Russia and Maoist China, communism was a government affair.

If you were reported by a colleague or family member as expressing beliefs contrary to the ideology of the state, or complaining about the lack of potatoes in the shops, you would be hauled in for questioning.

Generally, you were a goner unless you dobbed in someone else for real or imaginary crimes against the Party, or turned informant. Files released after the fall of the Berlin Wall showed one in six East Germans were informants on their family, friends and neighbours.

Just as we didn't get class Marxism but instead identity Marxism in the West, we haven't got government communism, either. Not in the same way as the Eurasian nations had it last century. The protections for citizens' rights in liberal democratic states proved too strong.

Instead, in the West, communism got privatised. The Marxists evolved, like a virus; they put on suits and used the jargon of corporate capitalism while pushing to undermine liberal protections for individuals and create a slave society under the guise of a tolerance utopia.

We're seeing exactly the same totalitarian surveillance and control grid being erected in Western nations as in Eastern nations last century, but in our case, the long arm of tyranny is being exercised via the private sector.

Big Brother was a government bureaucrat stamping on a human face, forever. Big Sister is a corporate minion shrieking in your face while they seek to destroy every aspect of your life for hurting their feelings.

Maria Zee has now experienced the sharp edge of this creeping totalitarian system. The citizen journalist has been 'de-banked'; this might be a new term, but it's one we should all become familiar with.

ING Bank informed Maria on March 9 of this year that her accounts, which she had had for years, were being forcibly closed by the bank. Maria was given one week to find another bank and was told that her accounts would be locked within two weeks and funds made unavailable.

You can see Maria herself explaining in brief what was done below.

There is no way ING Bank made this decision without outside pressure. Maria gets up the nose of the powerful elitists who think they know better than us how to run our lives, and you can be sure they initiated this persecution. They want it to have a chilling effect on dissent.

The Chinese have an old saying: ๆฎบ้›žๅ„†็Œด. 'Kill chicken, scare monkey'. You use violence against an isolated individual to keep everyone else in line. Given that the CCP is the model for the neo-Marxist elitists taking over Western societies, it's appropriate they make highly visible examples of brave people like Maria.

Maria runs the extremely popular mariazeee channel on Rumble and elsewhere, on which she hosts the Zero Time show and conducts thought-provoking interviews. I became aware of Maria's work when she interviewed one of my favourite thinkers, Martin Armstrong. She has also hosted segments on the Alex Jones show, Infowars.

Now, I don't agree with everything on Infowars. I don't agree with every guest Maria has on. But that's the point, and it's one that Maria herself makes. If we're going to come up with creative solutions to the existential problems facing us here in Australia and abroad, we have to have freedom of thought and inquiry.

Free speech is treated by some people like a fetish or a slogan, but it's much more important than that. Societies in which tyrants get to tell everyone else what they can and can't say are societies that perish, and the cultural communism we have allowed to spread via our education system is ensuring that our society will not be equipped to adapt to the rapid changes happening in the world right now.

In the meantime, Maria is in a financial gulag. A monetary concentration camp. And she won't stay in there alone. Big Sister doesn't need informants; she's got the internet. She has all the data already to know who's been naughty and who's been a good little slave.

You won't be able to keep your conscience and escape the panopticon surveillance system being implemented. If you still think 2 + 2 = 4, Big Sister is going to find out and then no bug burgers for you, transphobe!

De-banking for political or ideological reasons must be banned in Australia. It's a tyrannical and unjust practice. There is no recourse once a panel of apparatchiks in the 'security division' of the corporation have agreed that you're off to Siberia.

Big Sister is coming for all of us. Write to your elected representative and tell them it's not on. Put pressure on your freedom-loving senators to address this. Share Maria's video below around so she can kick up a storm about it. This can't be tolerated.

Then they came for the based Serbian-Australian truther journalists, but I said nothing...

You can watch the video of Maria discussing her de-banking by ING Bank below.