Landslide and flood damage in Rodeio, Santa Catarina, Brazil, January 2023.
© Government of Santa Catarina
Landslide and flood damage in Rodeio, Santa Catarina, Brazil, January 2023.
Stormy weather over the last 2 days has caused fatalities and material damages in the state of Santa Catarina in southern Brazil.

The Civil Defense of the State maintains the alert for this Friday, 20, due to the indication of more rain for Santa Catarina.

So far the state government said 26 municipalities have reported losses due to the storms of recent days and the cities of Rio Negrinho and Ascurra have declared a state of emergency.

The municipality of Rio Negrinho reported that there are 80 people displaced due to heavy rains. Around 60 buildings and structures were damaged.

Emergency rescue teams using sniffer dogs are searching for two people who are still missing in a landslide in Rodeio.

Three bodies were recovered from the site earlier on 19 January. Around 190 people have been displaced and the municipal authorities have set up an emergency shelter. Rodeio recorded 173.1 mm of rain in 12 hours to early 18 January 2023.

State Governor Jorginho Mello travelled by helicopter to the area but was unable to land near the site due to poor weather conditions.

Around 5,000 customers were without power in Rodeio and around 3,200 in Ascurra.

Several people were also displaced by flooding in Bom Jesus and a further 21 were displaced in the city of Ituporanga. Flooding was also reported in Benedito Novo, Canoinhas, Concórdia, Major Vieira, Três Barras, Lauro Muller, Siderópolis and Pomerode among others.