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HUGE developments on the world stage, as the member Nations of the EU are pushing to create a "specialized court" for "International Tribunals", backed by the UN, to be held in Ukraine, to prosecute Russian military and political leaders for "starting the war" in Ukraine.1

This comes in response to Russia's push at the Ninth Review Conference of the BWC, to makes changes to the UN Security Council to address the US/NATO biological military research being conducted in Ukraine. Russia have no way to hold the US accountable via BWC investigation, due to diplomatic immunity held by the United States as one of the 5 permanent seats on the UN Security Council.
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Now, the irony is, the West are trying to use the UN to investigate Russia, but the West are unable to do so because Russia is ALSO one of the 5 permanent seats on the UN Security Council. The actions today by the EU show that the West are looking to circumvent the rules of the UN so that Russia cannot veto an investigation. The same rules of International Law that Russia have been following, the West don't want to follow them in return.

Russia responded today with a statement from Ambassador Gatilov, from the Ninth Review Conference of the BWC in Geneva.

See statement below:

Statement By Gatlilov
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Essentially, the West are looking for cheap and frankly non-legal ways to "prosecute" Russia with no standing in International Law. The West are trying to hold show-trials as a means of propaganda/theater against Russia and more importantly as means of DEFLECTION from their legitimate crimes against humanity committed in Ukraine, because they have lost their control on the narrative.

While Russia have been operating through the proper diplomatic channels to sound the alarm on US/NATO war crimes in Ukraine via biological production and usage, the West have been dismissing these allegations as "Russian Disinformation" for months, despite the large body of incontrovertible evidence.

What we are witnessing is that the mechanics of UN are heavily flawed. Any of the permanent members of the Security Council have immunity to commit crimes against humanity as much as they like, because they can veto any UN action or investigations into themselves.

Objectively speaking, Russia are 100% in the right, and the West are simply acting like Democrats; using projection, deflection, deceit, lies, and propaganda, to keep the public unaware of the growing allegations of US biological malfeasance in Ukraine.

Imagine if the opposite were true. Imagine if Russia used espionage to start a violent civil war to overthrow a nation on our border, let's call it Canada, then established a puppet government and used Canada as a proxy for all their biological research, money laundering, child trafficking, drug trafficking, human experimentation, etc. And then we find out they are making biological weapons on our border and are trying to put nukes there as well, and then a global shutdown is justified via a genetically enhanced pathogen (bioweapon) that "escaped" as a result of this biological malfeasance going on on our border.

That's EXACTLY what the US have done to Russia, and yet the West say that it was Russia who "started" the war. WRONG. This war started in 2005 when the Deep State, via then Senator Barack Obama, set up their foothold in Ukraine and began their plan to turn Ukraine into a bioweapons production zone.2

The US claim it was to "destroy" the former Soviet Union's chemical, biological, and physical weaponry left in Ukraine. 17 years later, we can see that the Deep State had much more in mind than just weapons disposal. Now it's widely accepted that Ukraine is a US proxy, spearheaded by the ruling families of the DNC, and the biological activity there is no longer a conspiracy theory.
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In conclusion, the West are trying to divert attention away from the exposure of their biological network in Ukraine. They are deploying the old nazi/DNC go-to play of "accuse the other side of that which you are guilty".

Just like the Deep State launching ANOTHER propaganda probe into Trump as a response to the Hunter Biden investigation launched by Congress. They rely on a counter narrative to prevent the sheep from waking up to their crimes. The EU and US Democrats use the same playbook because they belong to the same entity. The Deep State.

However, their level of panic suggests we are winning. The Deep State can't keep the lid on the biolabs in Ukraine. Even the mainstream media admit that the public are widely aware of the nefarious biological activity in Ukraine.

26% of Americans are now aware of US bioweapon manufacturing in Ukraine, and the rest of them are in denial.

As per CBS via the Economist.

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Do not relent. We are winning the Information War. We must continue to drown out the West's propaganda.



1 EU seeks tribunal to probe possible Russian war crimes in Ukraine

2 Flashback: Senator Obama pushed bill that helped destroy more than 15,000 TONS of ammunition, 400,000 small arms and 1,000 anti-aircraft missiles in Ukraine