fireball belgium
A meteor fireball is caught on dashcam on Thursday November 24th in the Belgian village of Beersel in Antwerp province.
Belgian news site Nieuwsblad reports that a reader of their site noticed a short but remarkable light spectacle on Thursday morning above the Belgian village of Beerzel in Antwerp province. He captured the meteor fireball with his dashcam. The short clip can be viewed here.

The International Meteor Organization received several sighting reports of the meteor fireball around 7:13 CET from Belgium. Sightings of the meteor fireball were also reported in Great Britain, France and Germany.

The organization attached two photos of the fireball to the report. They were taken in Essex and Loudwater, England, not too far away from London. The following picture was taken in Loudwater:

fireball UK
© Ernie A.Ernie A. captured the meteor fireball in Loudwater, England, on November 24th at 6:13 GMT.