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ARPA-H Releases stunning new data on the PC program, eliminating 92% of all domestic terrorism.

New York, May 25, 2032:

The Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H) has announced a significant landmark event in its war against terrorism. In a massive undertaking, assisted by DARPA, DOJ, DOD, FBI, CCP and private sector partners, ARPA-H has just revealed that it's pre-crime program has prevented 92% of all potentially fatal domestic terrorist acts. From mass school shootings in major cities to homicides in sleepy country towns, the national program is being hailed a huge success. Over 1,026 terror attacks have been averted.

"We couldn't be more pleased," announced ARPA-H director Belinda Doors at today's press conference. "The data proves that our PC methodology and the swift action of the Department of Justice has saved hundreds, possibly thousands of lives, in the last 12 months," she said.

"Preemptive strikes to the very heart of terrorism works! Today we have irrefutable evidence that crime has been brought to its knees because of the PC program," announced the Attorney General via Zoom.

What started as an idea at the Health Advanced Research Projects Agency (HARPA) known as Stopping Aberrant Fatal Events by Helping Overcome Mental Extremes (SafeHome) in the early 2020s, has now matured into what we know today as Pre-Crime (PC).

Opponents of the program have likened the program to the dystopian movie Minority Report, depicting a pre-crime program that relied on three individuals who could see clues of future murders. Proponents of the PC program have long dispelled such notions, citing the absolute reliability of the data and algorithms utilized to determine the mental states and premeditated intentions of those who are eventually arrested.

Lead researcher Donald Anderton said:
"Intelligent data crunching is what we use, not dreamers who can only see bits of the future - there is no guess-work in what we do. Our massive database and the algorithms that diagnose each individual and groups is so fine tuned that we can determine neuropsychiatric warning signs to a very high degree of accuracy.

"This, in conjunction with the investigative powers of the FBI, DOD, and ARPA-H itself, gives us the highest degree of assurance to arrest someone using our Federal Early Arrest Response capabilities."
Thanks to the sensible resurrection of the Total Information Awareness (TIA) program that was conceived after 9/11, the ARPA-H has been able to tap into every vital source of information required to stop crime before it is executed. This has become much easier in the last decade with the sensible uptake of smart devices that create smart homes, and of course ultimately smart cities. Not only do these innovative devices make life much easier, they are keeping us much safer - we are certainly smarter than we were even a decade ago.

This year another leap forward was made when Protonmail was finally dissolved for harboring criminal organizations and their communications, as well as a slew of other 'alternative' encrypted communication providers.

"The transparency that we now have in all digital communications globally, is an absolute godsend for the safety of the world," said former Attorney General William Barr who was very excited about a life-long dream of a completely transparent global communication network.

The data released today highlight many of the areas of the United States that have struggled with crime for many decades, but also new areas and groups have been identified.

"Disturbingly we have identified many traditional religious organizations harboring potential terrorists and we have neutralized that threat," said FBI Chief Malcolm Left who has personally accompanied many raids in Florida.

These traditional religious groups include many large Christian denominations which have grown increasingly oppositional to the government over the past decade. Of all the arrests made in the last 12 months under the program, 53% were religiously motivated premeditation of terror acts from Christian groups. One arrest in particular, at the Lakewood church in Houston, Texas, saw just over 200 parishioners and staff arrested, including senior pastor Joel Osteen, for preaching and planning a revolutionary style takeover, under the guise of studying the book of Revelation.

One of the data analysts at the press release said:
"Mental instability is a key variable we are looking for in the PC program and it seems religious people often rank high in delusional thinking - very dangerous when you consider their deity often represents a completely different and even oppositional governance than the currant administration."
Some critics have accused the government of using the PC program to silence political opponents by using vague mental health criteria as part of a totalitarian style control over the population. Fortunately the program continues to keep us all safe by identifying these critics as terrorists and are promptly arrested.

There still remains many terrorist attacks each year in the United States and the statistics are rising. "Think how much worse it would be if we did not have the PC program fully activated!" said Doors. All the more reason for increased monitoring of our society for safety's sake.

ARPA-H are now negotiating with other countries who are interested in subscribing to their program. A move Doors says will bring in a significant amount of revenue that will be used to improve the program further.