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Dundee man and former personal trainer Jason Grant is the newly appointed period dignity officer for the Tay region but critics say the role should have gone to a woman.
The decision to appoint a man as Scotland's first ever so-called 'period dignity officer' has prompted outrage, on the same day the flagship law offering free period products to all in need of them was launched.

Dundee man and former personal trainer Jason Grant is the newly appointed period dignity officer for the Tay region - who has the task of promoting access to free sanitary products across schools and colleges - where he will also discuss issues around the menopause.

Comment: One positive from this warped shambles is that more people will become wise to just how corrupted their government and public institutions have become.

It follows the Scottish Government's introduction of the Period Products Act, which means councils and education providers are now legally obliged to offer out tampons and pads for free in a response to a period poverty campaign

Comment: 'For free', paid for by the public through increased taxes. That said, helping the soaring numbers of people falling below the poverty line is not necessarily a bad idea, however people should be outraged that a scheme like this is necessary in the first place, not congratulating the government on its failings.

But taking to social media on Monday many women expressed their discomfort at the decision to appoint a man to a role which deals with an issue which exclusively affects biological women of reproductive age.

Despite this Mr Grant gushed of his new role as he claimed it affects men and boys too and people regardless of gender in a nod to inclusivity toward a minority of young trans men.

Comment: Mr Grant isn't doing a great job at conveying how he's qualified for the role.

He told the Dundee Courier: "I'm absolutely buzzing about it. It's definitely pioneering as Scotland is the first to do this. It's about making people aware of the availability of period products for anyone of any gender, whenever they need it.

"And it's important whatever we do is done with dignity, so people know that there's no judgement."

Slating Mr Grant's appointment, one woman fumed: "As part of the SNP's approach to delivering period dignity, they have appointed a Dundee man, Jason Grant, yes, I kid you not, a man, to a newly appointed role as period dignity officer for the Tayside region The SNP really do take the proverbial"

"It's pathetic virtue signalling! Will there be additional roles in other council areas? Wait for the 'diverse' range appointed..." added a second

"A man!!!! The campaign to make women invisible rolls on," added a third

While a fourth said: "This job should have gone to a woman. We are the ones who know what it is like to menstruate and need products. There is no dignity in giving a man this role."

Mr Grant's role is advertised online with a salary of between £33,153 and £36,126 a year on a fixed term contract running into 2024 - while it is expected other roles of this kind will be set up elsewhere.

Comment: For the UK that salary is well above what a majority of people earn.

The legislation to offer free period products was proposed by Labour MSP Monica Lennon and it was unanimously backed in the Scottish Parliament in 2020 with cross-party support.

Of the launch's success Ms Lennon said: "I'm proud to have pioneered the Period Products Act which is already influencing positive change in Scotland and around the world.

"Local authorities and partner organisations have worked hard to make the legal right to access free period products a reality.

Comment: Creating a law and making the police and judiciary enforce it is not exactly the definition of hard work.

"I'm grateful to them and the thousands of people who have got involved across the country.

"This is another big milestone for period dignity campaigners and grassroots movements which shows the difference that progressive and bold political choices can make.

"As the cost-of-living crisis takes hold, the Period Products Act is a beacon of hope which shows what can be achieved when politicians come together for the good of the people we serve."