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Former President Trump rallies gigantic crowd to his recent Texas rally
Just a day or two after I threw in the towel on Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, he surprises me. General Brnovich has issued to Senate President Karen a 6 month "interim report" on his investigations Fann is the woman who had the fortitude to stand up and drive the Maricopa Audit to completion. Six months after she turned her investigation over to the Attorney General, he has now confirmed in an official letter that the Maricopa Audit led him to investigate and catalogue in his letter a shocking amount and kind of systemic vulnerabilities (precisely as CyberNinjas reported), punctuated by the news of criminal fraud for which he has been and is prosecuting people.

Attorney General Brnovich put the money shot in the opening:

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Feel free to dig your way through AG Brnovich's entire letter here.

You might also read the gracious reply of Arizona Senate President Karen Fann:
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For all those who have kept the faith (and especially those who donated to the Maricopa Audit), thank you. I hope your faith feels rewarded at last.