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The major mass mobilization of people from all over Canada - the second-largest country on Earth - to Ottawa this week to demand an end to all pandemic-related mandates, has caused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to flee into hiding. Practically ignored by Western media, when such events occur in countries run by tinpot dictatorships, it typically means the government is about to fall. But these aren't typical times, and Canada is a major Western country.

This week's NewsReal podcast is in three main parts: the first covers the extraordinary popular - and thus far peaceful - uprising taking place in Canada.

In the second part, Joe & Niall retrace the revised UK government death stats on Covid-19, which last week prompted a flurry of misleading media reports. Fact-checking these, Joe gets to the heart of the issue to explain what the updated government stats mean: essentially, no one 'died from Covid'. Some old (and some immunocompromised) people just... died.

In the final third of the show, they switch gears to analyze a crisis taking place at the other end of 'Westernia', which the media very much does want to cover: the 'Russian war against Ukraine'. However, the only 'war' taking place there is the frozen civil war within Ukraine, which Russia wants to see resolved NOW, and which the US wants to restart in order to marshal global support for crippling sanctions that could seriously sink the entire global economy...

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