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Joe and Niall return with NewsReal to discuss UK journalist Laura Dodsworth's State of Fear, a book detailing how British authorities used mind control techniques to manipulate the population into following the government's every word on Covid; Dr. Robert Malone's final message on Twitter (about the documented harms of injecting mRNA 'vaccines' into children) before he was summarily booted off the platform; and Prof. Matias Desmet's theory of Mass Formation Psychosis, which is gaining traction as an explanation for why so many people are impervious to facts about the so-called pandemic.

In the final ten minutes, they summarize the US-Russia stand-off over Ukraine with a preview of how that situation could play out in the weeks and months ahead. More on the Great Game of Geopolitics in upcoming shows...

Running Time: 01:43:40

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[YouTube banned this podcast for 'medical misinformation', by the way, despite all mentions of vaccines citing official sources, not least Saint Fauci himself...]

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Show Notes

Fauci backpedals, distinguishes 'from' and 'with' Covid 'cases'

Ontario mayor calls for overhaul of 'misleading' COVID-19 hospitalization data

Retired Sky News boss Mark Sharman on MSM control of vaccine information

Life inside the fear factory: how the Government keeps us on high alert

Dr Malone warns of dangers to children from Covid 'vaccines'

Dr Malone explains Mass Formation Psychosis to Joe Rogan

Prof Mattias Desmet explains Mass Formation Psychosis

Dr Malone breaks it to Rogan that government might be doing all this for political purposes

Covid outbreak in 'fully vaxxed' Antarctica

VAERS - serious side effects

VAERS - 12-18 year olds, serious side effects