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A despairing Asutralian woman burnt herself alive in protest against draconian vaccine mandate rules.
A woman in Cherry Street, Werribee - a suburb in Victoria Australia - has set herself on fire due to the draconian mandates that is forcing Victorians to get a Covid jab or be locked out of Dictator Dan Andrews' "vaccinated economy."

The unknown woman parked her car and blocked off a road in Cherry street and had four cans of petrol which she poured on herself

The woman placed a sign on her car saying "NO ONE CARES, MANDATES ARE KILLING US". Police attended to find she had 4 cans of petrol in the car. Officers tried to talk with her but she ultimately ended up setting herself on fire after telling police she had nothing left.

It's unclear what condition the woman is in at this stage as this is a developing story and the media seem to be completely ignoring this. So if you can please share this around as much as possible.

A video posted by Wyndham TV on a Facebook live stream shows the aftermath of the incident.

Witnesses at the scene confirmed the woman set herself on fire.

This tragic situation comes on the heels of a scathing report that Premier Dan Andrews was warned endless lockdowns were responsible for 'one in 10' of all suicides.

Mental health issues and suicides have been on the rise since endless lockdowns and mandates.