Faina Savenkova
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Faina Savenkova
You must have heard about the "Mirotvorets" (Peacemaker) Ukronazi website: https://myrotvorets.center/

This is a semi-official website which lists all the "enemies of the Ukraine", with photo and address. We could call it an online "lynch list". The list of people included in their database ranges from anybody who does not approve of the Banderite Ukronazi ideology to some really ridiculous cases.

But now, they reach a new low: they listed a 12 year old girl, Faina Savenkova, a young author who wrote a SITREP for the Saker blog, and did an Q&A for us. See here:

Now Faina is officially listed as an enemy of the Ukraine and designated for lynching, along with her family:
faina ukraine website
Here is a Russian article about this, machine translated by Yandex.

I want to ask the readers, what do you think of that and what do you think of the deafening silence from the various "human rights" and "democracy promoting" organizations in the West?