critical race theory
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In a late night vote on Tuesday, the US Senate passed an amendment that prohibits federal funds from going to pre-K programs and K-12 schools that teach critical race theory. Every single Democrat, except one - West Virginia senator Joe Manchin - voted against the legislation, which passed 50-49.

The measure was sponsored by Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, who has been one of the leaders in the fight against the anti-American propaganda for over a year. Its passage effectively bans CRT from being taught in schools until after 12th grade, when students are free to pay for the indoctrination themselves.

Cotton released a statement on his amendment:
"Our future depends on raising a generation of kids who love America and love each other as fellow citizens, no matter their race. But Critical Race Theory teaches that our country is irredeemably racist, that 'equality' is a sham, and that true justice requires treating everyone differently — based on the color of their skin. Our tax dollars should never support indoctrinating the youngest Americans with such poison."
Earlier in the day, his office published an explainer document that lists examples of CRT being taught in schools and talks about how the materials encourage the teachers to treat kids differently based on their skin color. The one pager also re-affirms that taxpayers will not fund the marxist doctrine.
From the document: At least 30 school districts across 15 states have assigned a CRT-inspired book, Not My Idea: A Book About Whiteness, which depicts "whiteness" as the devil, luring children with the promise of "stolen land [and] stolen riches"
The full text can be found on his website, here.

The Gateway Pundit reported on this horrifying example last month - Here is the garbage that democrats want to teach your children.

Now that the amendment has passed, there are 49 Democrats on the record supporting this sort of modern-day racism being taught to innocent children. Their votes for this anti-American propaganda go directly against the principles this country was founded on.
Here is the full list of 'nay's' from the roll call vote on the Senate's website.

Senator Joe Manchin, the only Democrat to vote with Republicans to ban the hateful teachings, was the deciding vote that allowed the amendment to pass. He should be commended *slightly* for not mindlessly going in lockstep with his sellout colleagues.

The rest of these traitors are in violation of their oath of office and should be stripped of any authority.

Teaching children to be racist is pure evil.