Namur floods July 24, 2021
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Namur floods July 24, 2021
Thunderstorms broke out in the provinces of Namur and Walloon Brabant this Saturday evening, which again causes flooding. The regions of Dinant, Daussoulx, Wépion, Jambes, Yvoir, Neufchâteau, Andenne, Walhain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Saint-Nicolas are particularly affected.

Heavy rains caused significant damage in Dinant, route de Philippeville and in the station area , says Alderman Robert Closset. "There are 50 cm of water and 5 cars obstructing the level crossing," he continues. Other cars were also washed away. "There are 25 cars that were washed away and the tarmac of the Route de Philippeville comes off and hits the railroad tracks. The Athus-Meuse line must be affected. " I have lived in Dinant for 57 years as riparian of the Meuse, I have never seen that " , adds the former mayor of Dinant and current provincial deputy Richard Fournaux.

Monitoring of the Vesdre

In the province of Liège, the most affected by the bad weather last week, all the services , civil protection, firefighters, army, reception centers and buses, have been put on alert and are ready to react , according to the report. Governor Hervé Jamar. A predictable evacuation plan was therefore put in place. "The evacuation is not excluded , but I do not think it will have to take place in a significant way," he added.

The fear of witnessing more flooding is real . In the most affected municipalities, there are no more sewers or outlets, the banks and protective walls have been damaged, and bridges are unusable. At present, it is mainly a question of thunderstorms and localized overflows , specifies the national crisis center. "We have our eyes especially turned towards the Vesdre where the drainage system has been badly damaged by the recent floods", explains his spokesperson.

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