Event 1767-2021 observers map
© AMS (screen capture)
Event 1767-2021 observers map
A meteor has been spotted over Jersey.

At around 3pm, a report was made from the island's north coast of a streak of white light moving downward through the skies above the island.

Police and the coastguard were called but the island's harbourmaster said following inspection, and judging by images on social media, he was satisfied that it was in fact a meteor.

This dashcam footage sent in by Ian Dryhurst shows the white streak visible moving through the sky while he was driving along Victoria Avenue. The flash of light can be seen clearly in the centre of the screen.

Meteors are pieces of rock which burn up on entry to the Earth's atmosphere. According to NASA, an estimated 48.5 tons of meteoritic material falls on the Earth each day.