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Chance Seneca, 19, is accused of stabbing Holden White, 18, on June 20, 2020.
A deranged Louisiana teen has been charged with plotting to murder gay men — including a plan to dismember one victim and use his body parts as trophies, mementos and food, officials said.

Chance Seneca, 19, of Lafayette, was indicted on six counts including hate crime with intent to kill, kidnapping, firearm possession and obstruction charges in connection to an overarching scheme to attack gay men for their sexual orientation, according to a press release from the Department of Justice.

He allegedly tried to kidnap one man and successfully abducted two others on June 19 and 20 of last year — using the dating app Grindr as his "hunting ground," the release says.

The disturbing plot unraveled after Seneca couldn't take the sight of his own grotesque handiwork and called 911. Police responded to his dad's house on June 20 to find Seneca outside smoking a cigarette and his seriously injured victim Holden White, then 18, passed out in an upstairs bathtub.

"Officers reported seeing White's wrists slit to the bone and strangulation marks around his neck," the complaint states. "Weapons, such as a knife, ice pick, saw, and hammer, were in in plain view around the bathtub."

After Seneca was taken into custody, he allegedly told a detective he "intended to kill and dismember White," the complaint says.

In blow by blow of the brutal assault, he explained to police that he met White on Grindr, brought him home and convinced him to wear handcuffs as part of a proposed sexual encounter.

At one point, he allegedly pressed a gun against White's back.

Seneca said he then strangled White from behind until he was unconscious, pulled his body into the bathtub, stripped off his clothes and sliced his wrists with a knife so deeply his hands were almost severed.

"Seneca explained that he had hoped to remove and preserve White's hands but that he could not finish his plan after seeing the bones of White's wrists exposed under the flesh," court papers allege. That's when Seneca called 911.

Chance Seneca used dating app Grindr to lure victim Holden White and convinced him to wear handcuffs as part of a proposed sexual encounter. LightRocket via Getty Images

White spent nearly a month in intensive care and rehabilitation before he was released, according to Metro Weekly.

The court papers did not disclose additional details about the other two men he's charged with targeting.

Seneca is being held on $250,000 bail. If convicted, he faces up to life in prison. His attorney couldn't immediately be identified.