circle cloud alps
These mysterious cylindrical clouds over the Swiss Alps aren't natural... But, of course, scientists have no clues how they may have formed...

Comment: There are scientific explanations for how these kinds of clouds form, but what is notable is that they're not a common sight and their appearance points to an atmosphere that is undergoing significant cooling; and this is just one of an increasing number of examples.

How did these eerie cylindrical clouds formed in the sky over the Eiger in the Swiss Alps? via

The eerie sky formation hovered over the Eiger, a 3,967-metre (13,015 ft) mountain of the Bernese Alps.

This picture shows the two mysterious cylindrical clouds in the sky over the Swiss Alps on March 10, 2021. via

One of the two cloud ring disappeared after a few minutes. However, the second drifted about 15 minutes in the sky.
circle cloud alps
One of the weird circle cloud floated over Grindelwald for about 15 minutes. via

A MeteoNews specialist confirmed that such a phenomenon is NOT NATURAL.

In the area of the sighting, there is a military airport. Did jets formed those two distinct circles?

Comment: As noted above, it's more likely that this is a natural, albeit unusual, occurrence.

When an aircraft is flying at supersonic speed, it can be particularly difficult to follow it from the ground and with the naked eye. Moreover, condensation trails do not appear until a few seconds after it has passed. In calm weather, traces may remain visible for up to 15 minutes.
circle cloud alps
I saw and heard 2 military jets flying over Bern, my hometown, on Wednesday...

The military airport of Meiringen confirms that flights took place at the time in question, but didn't want to say more... [20min]
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