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CNN's Brian Stelter finds White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki's promise not to lie "refreshing" and totally "reliable." To his detractors, it would be refreshing if Stelter admitted his bias.

After hammering Donald Trump for four years, Stelter is evidently ready to put his feet up and relax during Joe Biden's term.

When Press Secretary Jen Psaki pledged last week to share "accurate information with the American people," liberals were overcome with delight, and none more so than Stelter. "Yes please," he practically squealed with delight in an article last Thursday. "How refreshing," read a caption he wrote for his show Reliable Sources on Sunday.

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© CNNNothing says 'fair and objective' like a gushing chyron
Stelter clearly found nothing to disagree with in Psaki's boilerplate promise, but Psaki's vow hasn't yet been tested. After being temporarily embarrassed over Biden's unmasked appearance following his signing of an executive order mandating face masks on federal property, Psaki has since either taken softball questions from the press, or promised to return with more information to answer more difficult inquiries.

In a video post answering questions from Twitter users, Psaki again promised to take "hard questions" in her stride, before answering a question on Biden's cat (which she said would "dominate the internet"), and on Biden's favorite ice cream (it's chocolate chip).

Stelter's Psaki fanboying drew ridicule from the right. "This really is embarrassing and amateurish and pathetic," pundit Noam Blum wrote, while the conservative Reagan Battalion thanked Stelter for "dropping the bulls**t pretending that you are an unbiased journalist."

If Psaki's previous post in the State Department is anything to go on, she'll give Stelter and his ilk plenty of material to ignore over the next four years. In her two years at the State Department, she bungled her way through press briefings on Russia and Ukraine - famously accusing officials in eastern Ukraine of facilitating "carousel voting," before admitting that she didn't know what the term meant.

Throughout Trump's term in office, Stelter repeatedly denied any bias against the president. Viewers weren't convinced, however, and slated Stelter when he announced at the beginning of last year that he was starring in a documentary about, of all things, the danger of 'fake news'.