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One America News Network, a right-wing news organization that dedicated countless hours to promoting claims of election fraud, has quietly deleted many of their articles on the subject amid a threat of litigation.

The outlet, which provided airwaves to a litany of people pushing unverified theories about the election provided to the likes of Trump adjacent attorneys Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, Lin Wood, and Sidney Powell, deleted a handful of stories about Powell and Dominion Voting Systems, one of the main topics of the unsubstantiated theories, among others, in recent weeks.

OANN did not respond to the Washington Examiner's request for comment.

OANN was one of the biggest promoters of election-related conspiracy theories in the time between Biden's victory and his inauguration. Former President Donald Trump's campaign and GOP-adjacent groups promoted theories alleging a wide-ranging conspiracy focusing on Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic, two voting technology companies.

Comment: The so-called "conspiracy theories" around the fraudulent election process and Dominion Voting machines do, in fact, show the truth about the whole election system and how the real winner of the last US presidential elections was Donald Trump - not the senile PTB puppet Joe Biden.

After the fraudulent elections, Trump's legal team collected a trove of hard evidence proving their case. But even with all the indisputable evidence, fraud could not be proven in court because the judicial system has been so utterly corrupted by psychopathic elites.

The "Dominion Voting Systems" tag on OANN's website features one story as of Thursday morning. That story, dated Jan. 4, is based on Trump's rally in Georgia the day before the Senate runoffs. However, less than two weeks ago, there were more than a dozen stories listed under the same tag, according to the archival website Wayback Machine.

An archive snapshot of the website featured 13 stories under the Dominion tag as of Jan. 13, one week before President Biden's inauguration and the same day Trump was impeached in the House, while later that day, another snapshot showed that only one story was listed under the tag.

Some of the stories no longer on the website include: "Powell: Election Fraud Now Obvious Because President Trump's Landslide Victory Broke Dominion 'Vote-Switch' Algorithm," "Giuliani: Dominion Machines Set To Give Biden 2-5% 'Lead,'" and, "Dominion Executive: Trump Is Not Going To Win. I Made f---ing Sure Of That."

Similar changes were made for the stories under a "Sidney Powell" tag. As of Thursday, there is only one story that appears on the tag, and it pertains to Twitter's decision to suspend Trump permanently on the same day they kicked off Powell and the president's first national security adviser, Michael Flynn.

As of last Wednesday, there were three other stories under the tag, in addition to the one about her getting removed from Twitter. Similarly, the tag for Giuliani has gotten noticeably slimmer in recent days.

The current Giuliani tag has nine articles listed under it, with two of those predating the 2020 election. Only one of those stories remains specifically related to the claims of election fraud. Comparatively, there were more than a dozen election-related articles under the tag as of last Wednesday.

OANN's decision to remove certain articles could be an attempt to prevent a lawsuit from either Dominion or Smartmatic, both of which have threatened to sue the network, among others, for promoting false conspiracy theories about the election, which they say have harmed their companies. Less than two weeks ago, Dominion filed a $1.3 billion suit against Powell, alleging that her allegations were "wild" and "demonstrably false," adding that the promotion of such theories has "irreparably damaged Dominion's reputation."

Dominion has warned more than 150 commentators and news outlets that their rhetoric about the company could result in a lawsuit.