Lab tech and bucking coronavirus
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The Petri Dish Finals: 'Taming the Virus'
On Sunday morning President Trump posted a tweet on the exaggerated COVID numbers by the CDC in the United States.

Trump is right.
The latest CDC weekly coronavirus numbers lists 294,884 deaths due to coronavirus.

Here is the list - (go here to better view it).

Covid Deaths chart
But if you look closely at these numbers there were
10,874 deaths from intentional and unintentional injury, poisoning and "other adverse events"
11,554 are due to Alzheimer's disease
47,351 due to Diabetes
33,367 heart attacks
14,350 cancer patients
For months doctors and investigative journalists have wondered why state coronavirus death counts include motorcycle accidents, homicides, birth defects, gunshot wounds and thousands of intentional injuries and poisonings to the US Coronavirus death totals.

And- In Singapore and other nations, the medical experts follow the World Health Organization guidelines and DO NOT INCLUDE non-pneumonia coronavirus fatalities in their death counts.

So, of course, their numbers are much lower than in the US.

So what are the real numbers?
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