Semeru volcanic eruption in Indonesia on Dec. 1st.

Semeru volcanic eruption in Indonesia on Dec. 1st.
The volcanic activity is elevated these days, with 43 volcanoes currently erupting. Some are also preparing to explode.

If that sounds 'normal' for some of you, there have been at least 5 major explosions in the last 3 days... And that's a pretty high number, I would say.

Now, discover below these latest volcanic eruptions in pictures and videos:

Sakurajima volcano, Japan - Dec. 2nd

An explosion was registered at 11:55 a.m. JST with ballistic fragments being ejected and pounding the slopes.

A large plume of ash was sent 7,000 ft (2,133 m) in the air and drifted E and small pumice and ash flows were created.

Beginning of last month, a giant fireball was seen disintegrating over this same volcanic peak.

Semeru volcano, Indonesia - Dec 1st

Semeru volcano situated on Java Island in Indonesia exploded on Dec. 1st, ejecting lava (1km-long lava flows) and a plume of ash and gas (11 km high), prompting the evacuation of 500 people.

Lahars formed at around 3:00 a.m. local time.

Volcan de Fuego, Guatemala - Nov. 30th

Well, it seems Fuego is gearing back up to life, with continuous explosions within the last few days.

Lewotolo volcano, Indonesia - Nov. 29th

More than 4000 people have been evacuated from areas adjacent to the eruption of the sleeping giant Lewotolo volcano on the Indonesian island of Lembata (Lomblen).

The strong eruption ejected a plume of gas and ash about 5 kilometers above the crater.

Telica volcano, Nicaragua - Dec 1st

In Nicaragua, a moderate eruptive activity has been observed at Telica since November 30.

Earthy ash is seen puffing out of the main crater up to an altitude of 1,500 meters above the crater and punctuated by dozens of explosions daily.

Yes, Indonesia is clearly in the eye of the cyclone with two major volcanic eruptions one right after the other. It is to note that all these volcanoes are situated on the Ring of Fire whose activity has been enhanced since the last major solar eruption of Nov. 29th.

Solar activity, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions... Everything is linked!