rudy giuliani
Former Vice President Joe Biden used his son Hunter Biden as a "bag man" and got 50% of the "bribe money" from foreign entities, Rudy Giuliani told Newsmax TV.

Appearing Tuesday on "Greg Kelly Reports," Giuliani, who says he is in possession of a copy of a hard drive purportedly belonging to Hunter Biden, said the current Democrat presidential nominee could have used several "flunkies" as a "bag man" rather than his own son, but instead involved Hunter in a purported bribery scheme with Chinese businesses.

"Ten percent of the money that was being whacked up, that was $10 million a year, and then 50% of the profits with three Chinese Communists, one of whom was a Chinese intelligence operative — that 10% of that was going to H. for 'the big guy,'" Giuliani said.

"The big guy" has been identified by a Fox News source as Joe Biden, and Giuliani said his team has identified Joe Biden by other means as well.

Pressed by host Greg Kelly for more revelations, Giuliani demurred, saying he has only been able to look through about half the hard drive so far.

Giuliani said the hard drive — which he noted has never been denied as authentic by Joe or Hunter Biden — contains evidence of about "five major federal crimes" and "$30-40 million" going to the Biden family as bribes.

The hard drive is said to have come from a laptop left at a Delaware repair shop by a man described by the owner of the shop as Hunter Biden. It was never picked up, and the original drive was given to the FBI.

In one purported email, Hunter Biden complains he receives no respect for his work, but tells his family he will not make them pay him "half your salary" like "Pop" did.

"This is not about Hunter," Giuliani said, but about what a criminal and "horrible father" Joe Biden is.

"These are major bribes in which he sold out the United States to China."