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Part 3 of an ongoing documentary series - 'Pedgogate 2020', created and published by 'Mouthy Buddha' - was released on August 24th. We're publishing it here along with Part 1 (released April 14th this year) and Part 2 (released on June 1st).

So-called investigative reporting on 'pedophilia in high places' rarely meets the threshold of 'reasonable speculation' - whatever about generating reliable and factual information. However, we find this particular series useful because the creator is cautious about his claims, aware that this avenue of research is a veritable 'hall of mirrors', and is proactively reporting his more solid findings to law enforcement.

We did some investigation into 'Pizzagate' when it surfaced in 2016, and while we could not establish anything conclusive, we're satisfied that there is substance to the core premise that certain disturbing characters in the Washington DC area can and do call on 'friends in very high places'.

Furthermore, the general claim that politicians and other VIPs from among 'the elites' are themselves sometimes pedophiles, pederasts, and serial child sex abusers is well-established by the historical context of criminal investigations (and, occasionally, successful prosecutions) into child sex crimes in a whole host of countries going back decades.

The ambiguous nature of these 'networks' - part-informal, part-organized - makes proving or at least reasonably suggesting criminality difficult at best. They are at once both 'hidden in plain sight' and 'plausibly deniable', helped by the apparent but recurring impression that the long arm of the law invariably falls on their side.

The content in these videos is not graphic, but the subject matter is nevertheless distressing, so steel yourself before viewing. Finally, take the content creator's advice and DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SEARCH FOR TERMS he looked into. You may only end up incriminating yourself.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3