spanish doctor
COVID-19 pandemic (or plandemic, as many would say) is surrounded by a large amount of controversy, to say the least. An enormous amount of mutually exclusive information is presented from all sides, but there's only one narrative being pushed by the corporate-owned mass media. This narrative is the most narrow-minded one and is the only one which requires blind obedience and a complete lack of transparency.

Many doctors have come out against this narrative, but are constantly being silenced and suppressed by the MSM. This has reached the point where even a mild questioning of the official narrative has become almost a revolutionary act. Highly respected doctors and scientists risk becoming outcasts just for speaking their mind and questioning the official narrative.

After all, wasn't it precisely this approach of questioning everything that has been the main drive behind the quantum leaps in modern science in the last century or so? If we agree that this assumption is true, then why does this not apply to the COVID-19? Why are we required to blindly follow dogma, if it's the No. 1 enemy of scientific progress? This and many other questions are answered by a Spanish doctor in the following video.