bear attack
This is the shocking moment a man was severely injured after a bear attack while walking to work in Kashmir, India.

Ghulam Qadir Sheikh, 55, was the subject of an unprovoked attack on Thursday in the Budgam district in northern India.

Video footage shows a passer-by trying to help the victim utilizing a stick to beat the bear, who had wrapped his paws around the man's arms and body.

Shocking footage shows a man from Kashmir, northern India was attacked by a bear on his way to work, leaving him severely injured.

Ghulam Qadir Sheikh , 55, was the subject of an unprovoked attack by the bear and needed a passer-by to beat the animal with a stick to help him break free.

With fellow by-standers also screaming at witnessing the attack, the bear then let his victim go before fleetingly chasing him up a hill.

Ghulam was rushed to hospital and was recommended to larger facility for additional treatment.

The man's current condition is not known.

The shocking incident last Thursday is the latest in a series of bear attacks in the Jammu and Kashmir district in recent weeks.

The 55-year-old was eventually let it go by the bear, who then considered chasing him up a hill before retreating from the man

It was reported on 21 June a school teacher, his wife and students were attacked by a bear in a garden in Anantnag, leaving all of them seriously injured.

And a further three people were grievously injured in south Kashmir last week after being attacked by an animal in an orchard.

Wildlife Departments in the Kashmir area are told to trap, tranquilize or shoo bears towards wild forests in the function of an attack on civilians.