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Establishment power move: Swamp creature Mitt Romney at a BLM protest
Veteran correspondent Lara Logan, who has done extensive reporting on the Antifa movement, warned that the far-left extremist group is going all out to capitalize on national unrest, as Attorney General Bill Barr confirmed Antifa's role in instigating recent violence and destruction.

"There's a difference between hijacking something and exploiting it and fueling it, and that's really the concern here," said Logan on Fox and Friends on Friday.

"They've been planning this not just for a few months but for decades, and this is sort of the culmination," she argued. "It's almost like this is the super bowl of their efforts."

Barr said on Thursday that there is evidence that Antifa and other groups are exacerbating violent riots that have erupted in American cities in the aftermath of the police-involved death of George Floyd last week in Minneapolis.

"We have evidence that [A]ntifa and other similar extremist groups, as well as actors of a variety of different political persuasions have been involved in instigating and participating in the violent activity," Barr said at a Justice Department news conference.

Logan, who has covered the topic in depth in her Fox Nation series Lara Logan Has No Agenda, said Antifa is stoking racial strife as a means to achieve its true goal, which is to overthrow the federal government.

"This isn't about a black-white thing for them. They just put that forward," she said, arguing that Antifa has no interest in racial equality.

The Washington Times reported that a U.S. law enforcement official with access to intelligence on Antifa said the group is seeking to provoke an "anti-government insurgency" in the run-up to the 2020 election.

According to Logan, Antifa is demonstrating its determination to take advantage of recent national turmoil by its apparent willingness to reveal operational secrets.

"You can see them in their black [clothing and masks], you can see them with their backpacks on, if you take freeze frames of them you can see the earpieces that they have in their ears," argued Logan. "So if you think about how they are exposing themselves, that is an extraordinary capacity to give up... yet they're doing it because they are being incredibly successful."

Comment: ...and their brazenness speaks volumes about the extent of their powerful backing from within the US.

"What are their objectives? Divide the military and the police. Make the public choose a side," she continued. "Well, that's happening quite significantly in some ways... now we're talking about 'defund the police,' that's one of their big objectives."

The Los Angeles Times reported that the city will try and cut between $100 and $150 million from its police budget after Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said that he tasked the city to invest more money into communities of color, women and "people who have been left behind."

In Lara Logan Has No Agenda, Logan recently spoke to journalist Andy Ngo, who was one of the first journalists to report extensively on Antifa's ideological roots.

"They have a revisionists' view of history," Ngo told Logan. "They really believe that if the communists, before World War II, had opposed all the nascent signs of fascism... that the Holocaust and everything could have been avoided."

Ngo suggested that this historical perspective shapes Antifa's approach to people with whom they disagree.

"You can look at what developed in totalitarian communist regimes and what they did to dissidents... they sent people to prison camps to be reeducated, to be forced into hard labor where countless numbers of the people have died, and that's been not just part of the history of the Soviet Union, but also Vietnam, where my parents emigrated from."

On Thursday, Ngo filed a lawsuit against Rose City Antifa following a series of assaults allegedly carried out against him by the group in Portland, Ore., last year. Those attacks included an incident in June 2019, during which Ngo allegedly was severely beaten and caused him to be diagnosed with a subarachnoid brain hemorrhage.

Ngo detailed that attack in Lara Logan Has No Agenda. To watch all of this multipart documentary series, go to Fox Nation and sign up today.