oil fire
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Oil company emergency workers are at the scene along with staff from Ugraprombezopasnost which provides for industrial safety.
Video shows how blaze has burned for 6 days in Irkutsk region.

The Russian army has been called in to extinguish a blazing wellhead belonging to the country's smallest oil company, Irkutsk Oil Company (INK) .

The fire has started on 30 May when the mixture of oil and gas was ejected into a junction box due to depressurization of the connecting hose.

The fire in the Yarakta oil field is hundreds of kilometres from the nearest settlements and has posed no threat to life; no-one was hurt by the fire.

Oil company emergency workers at the scene along with staff from Ugraprombezopasnost, which provides for industrial safety in hazardous situations, have been unable to extinguish the fire.

Artillery forces will be used to shoot down the well head structure - or fountain reinforcement.

'For a successful and fast closure of the well, it was decided to utilise military artillery forces who must shoot down the fountain reinforcement,' said a statement by INK. 'Work is underway to deliver them to the scene of the incident. They are expected to arrive in a day or two.'

The plan is to have the burning wellhead extinguished by 8 June.

The fire has started on 30 May. Video courtesy MReporter24