Burbank ammo  & Guns
The riots and lootings triggered by George Floyd's brutal killing have many citizens in L.A. panicking and rushing to stock up on protection for themselves and their businesses.

Gun and ammo stores had lines wrapped around the block at several locations in the area ... and we're told many shops are even getting close to selling out of product.

David Schwartz, owner of Burbank Ammo & Guns, tells TMZ ... foot traffic at his shop was nonstop over the weekend and Monday. He says the majority of customers own homes or private businesses and were looking for something to use to protect their property and products.

LA Gun buying line
Schwartz says glocks and 12-gauge home-defense shotguns were the hot sellers, and he's hoping to get more soon from distributors so he can continue to provide for customers.

Schwartz also hired his own security -- armed guards to stand outside the store -- to make sure everyone stays safe ... and to ward off potential looters.

Interestingly, Burbank Ammo wasn't the only business to hire outside muscle for extra security ... far from it. A rep from a large security company in Southern Cal tells us ... it supplied armed guards to various companies and homes throughout L.A. for protection.

The rep says ... "I would tell you all security organizations in the region are seeing an influx of requests for emergency or additional security resources."

The rep added that the company hasn't seen this kind of demand since the Rodney King riots in 1992.