Car windows, like one sedan on Rosedale Boulevard in Georgetown, were shattered by hailstones the size of baseballs. A few blocks away, the entire back window of another car was smashed in. The impact covered a child seat with shards of glass.

The hail didn't make it through the windshield of an SUV owned by a young man by the name of Hunter, but the icy projectiles left behind several cracks. Hunter said he initially had the SUV at a covered parking lot.

"And then part of the storm came by and thought it was all over, so I went and got it, then pulled it back and the next thing you know it's taken this kind of damage, so it's very unfortunate," said Hunter.

The storm hit the northwest side of Georgetown shortly before midnight Wednesday and continued into Thursday morning. Video was taken by Mario Hernandez moments after he moved his car into the garage.

"I come out and it was just, started pouring down. Big chunks," said Hernandez.

Janette Brown, who lives about two miles away on Primrose Trail, also recorded video. The video showed hailstones bouncing off Brown's back patio.

"It was vicious, it was loud, it was the loudest storm, I've never seen hail that size," said Brown.

Some vehicles were covered but they could not be fully protected. In the daylight, you can see how the hail ripped through tarps that covered a truck and a sports car. About 10 patrol cruisers from the Williamson County Sheriff's Office were hit.

Officials with the City of Georgetown say around 40 police cars were also hit, as well as several other city vehicles. The hail ranged in size from a ping-pong ball to baseball.