ufo lights brazil
© Twitter/ courtesy of @andredimauro
Ball-shaped objects over the skies of Brazil, May 13, 2020
Numerous videos purportedly showing pulsating, ball-shaped objects over the skies of Brazil have sparked a flurry of speculation about possible UFO sightings.

Twitter was flooded with videos claiming to show the bizarre phenomenon in Mage, outside of Rio de Janeiro.

In one of the clips, a gyrating blue sphere is seen floating above the city. The video was tweeted at Elon Musk.

"There are reports that something fell over there in a lake ... But it doesn't seem to be a satellite," Andre Di Mauro wrote.

Another video shows a group of five illuminated spheres in the night sky - a bizarre visual phenomenon which "many people saw," according to one Brazilian who shared the clip. Others posted footage of a floating red orb, as well as strange flashing lights in the horizon.

According to reports, the terms "Mage" and "Pau Grande" - the district of the city where the alleged incident took place - trended on Brazilian social media on Wednesday.

Despite the chatter online, authorities claim they are unaware of any unusual incidents. The city issued a notice stating that it had no information on the matter, local media reported, adding that the Brazilian Air Force claims it received no calls regarding the unusual objects.