All city snow-clearing equipment,
© Ian Graham
All city snow-clearing equipment, including two plow trucks last used to clear snow after the March 2017 blizzard, has been pressed into action since April 3, the second day of a six-day span that saw 65.6 centimetres of snow fall, with three of those days setting daily snowfall records.
An unprecedented six-day stretch of early April snowfall in Thompson has led to the biggest snow-clearing effort since the blizzard of March 2017 and, with everyone's nerves already frayed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, harsh words from the city's mayor for citizens "whining" about the state of city roads.

Snow fell in Thompson four of the six days from April 2 to April 7, setting records on three of them. The 15.6 centimetres that fell last Thursday was the most since 6.8 cm of snow in 1995, while the 34.4 cm that fell on Friday beat the previous record of 6.4 cm from 1967 by 28 cm. Only 2.8 cm fell April 4, well below the 1973 record of 8.4 cm, while the 12.8 cm of snow on April 7 was close to double the previous record of 6.5 cm in 1981.

Friday's snowfall in Thompson was higher than any day in April up to 2010. The previous highest one-day amount was 22.6 cm and the average snowfall for the entire month of April up to 2010 was 23 cm.

As of April 7, there were 87 cm of snow on the ground in Thompson, the most there has been since 1967, the first year of Environment Canada historical records available online, when there was 84 cm. The normal amount of snow on the ground at the end of March is 45 cm, slightly more than half of what Thompson had yesterday. The most snow that has ever been on the ground in Thompson is 91 cm, in January and February 1968 and in April 1967.

An Environment Canada meteorologist said getting large amounts of snow in April is a little unusual but that having snow in April is not. This year's massive dump is the result of low pressure systems over central and Northern Manitoba that have created variable weather and, at times, significant snowfall. More snow is also forecast for later this week.