Residents of Nyabihu District on Monday evening discovered bodies of two persons who are suspected to have been struck by lightning during the weekend heavy downpour.

The bodies were found in a cow barn where the victims had sought shelter during the downpour.

According to accounts by some residents from Basumba cell in Bigogwe Sector where the incident took place, they had experienced heavy downpour notably on Saturday in which thunder would be heard.

The executive secretary of Basumba Cell, Justin Gashegu said that the incident took place over the weekend, however, noting that the bodies were not found on time due to the lockdown that the country is currently observing amid coronavirus pandemic.

Gashegu noted that they received a tip-off from the victims' wives who were desperately looking for the whereabouts of their husbands, which prompted a search.

He revealed that preliminary investigation indicated that the deceased could have stuck by lightning given the fact that one of them was making a telephone according to evidence obtained from the scene.

"There was a lightning strike during the rain which also destroyed electricity metres (cash power) from a number of homes in the area so it is most likely the same could have killed these two men," said Gashegu.

Gashegu urged vigilance during the rainy season that often comes with lightning. He said that people should remain indoors when it is raining, and avoid seeking shelter under trees.

He added that people should also avoid holding electronic equipment such us telephones, radios and TV sets to minimize the risk of lightning strikes.

Nyabihu is susceptible to lightning and other rain-induced disasters, owing to its topography.