A meteor shot across the night sky on Sunday and people in the Miami Valley saw it! This was a special meteor considered to be a fireball. A fireball is just a meteor that is as bright as the planet Venus. These often have a bright tail and sometimes can produce a noise when they flash across the sky. The American Meteor Society keeps track of fireball sightings across the country and according to them, it appeared around 10:22PM on Sunday.

There were reports from 16 people that were from five different states. Majority of the eye witnesses were from Ohio. Three in southwest Ohio. The AMS created a map based on reports from the witnesses and it seems the fireball may have flashed somewhere in south central, Ohio, south and east of Columbus.

So far, no video have been reported but if you have a photo or video of the fireball from Sunday share them with us on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #SkyWitness7.