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Hollywood's drive for diversity was once a benign movement to give under-represented groups the screen time they're due. It's grown into a quality killer, soon to be enforced by woke computer algorithms.

What started as a campaign for inclusion has manifested into a Trojan Horse to divide Hollywood by race and gender. A Trojan Horse that is called Progressive check-boxing - the art of casting or awarding television & movies based on intersectionality over quality.

Birthed from the outrage of #OscarsSoWhite and intensified during the #MeToo era, Progressive check-boxing is killing audiences' enjoyment of the entertainment industry.

In 2016, several progressive celebrities, including then-President Barack Obama, attacked the film industry for what they described as racism against black nominees due to the lack of nominations in major acting categories. Before the Academy could address those complaints, feminists began demanding more representation for an industry that is "too male." Actresses such as Natalie Portman have harshly criticized the film industry for its failure to nominate women as directors and others have followed her lead.

In order to keep the vultures of progressivism off their back, Hollywood has committed to doing the very thing that they claim to be against. Major Hollywood studios prioritized race, gender, sexual orientation, and disabilities as the focal point of their projects. Now they are going a step further to implement computer algorithms to detect "racial and gender bias" in their scripts.

Universal Entertainment Group became the second Hollywood studio behind Walt Disney to use "Spellcheck for Bias," a software tool to reveal "unconscious bias" in how minorities and women are portrayed and represented in entertainment. That way studios can rewrite and recast their projects to match progressive-friendly standards.

The desperate attempt to atone for its testosterone driven whiteness has created an atmosphere where the true aspects of filmmaking have taken a back seat to the progressive endgame of virtue-signaling Hollywood elites. Progressive check-boxing has produced another symptom of an unhealthy business - the rise of woke reboots.

Woke reboots have become Hollywood's version of Obamacare in which they repeal and replace established Hollywood franchises with more 'socially just' counterparts. In doing so, they go down a column of progressive check-boxes where quality has been pushed to the very bottom.

In recent times, woke reboots have seen the return of such franchises like Saved By The Bell, but this time with a transgender lead, Party of Five repackaged as a family of illegal immigrants, and Walker Texas Ranger marketed on a 'gay conservative' supporting character.

There was hope that the social engineering of feminist Ghostbusters or Charlie's Angels would relieve the progressive browbeating of "too white and too male," but it has only caused the industry to move even further to the left, which many believe was the objective from the beginning.

Victimhood is a valuable currency in today's social media-driven society. With black entertainers continuing to object to the whiteness of Hollywood, feminists attacking the lack of women in key roles behind the camera, and LGBT Pride month right around the corner, new challengers are demanding their piece of the pie.

Progressive check-boxing is cementing a future where representation comes before quality, a future that could permanently damage the reputation of an industry if the pendulum doesn't swing back the other way.