Justin Trudeau Andrew Scheer
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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau • Andrew Scheer
The head of Canada's Conservative Party, Andrew Scheer, has announced he is resigning from the post. The move comes as tensions within the party soar after their election loss and amid emerging allegations of Scheer's misconduct.

The decision was announced by Scheer himself on Thursday shortly before he delivered a resignation speech in the House of Commons.

In a tweet, he said "this was the most difficult decision I have ever had to make," adding that he decided to put the "party first and my family first."

Scheer's abrupt resignation comes amid accusations he misused party funds to pay for his children's private schooling. The allegations were reported by Canadian media shortly before the politician's resignation was confirmed.

While it remains unclear if the claims are true, Scheer has faced mounting pressure and tensions within the party in recent weeks, following the October federal elections.

Despite a significant seat gain, and actually winning the popular vote, the Conservative Party failed to beat Justin Trudeau's Liberals, leaving them, however, with a minority government.

The disappointing election loss was blamed on Scheer personally, as many claimed the Conservatives could have won under a different - less Conservative - leader. Scheer is opposed to abortion and has refused to partake in Pride marches, and such views might have cost the Tories votes in Canada's major urban areas.