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An ABC insider has claimed top execs are 'freaking out' as they struggle to ID who admitted in a letter signed Ignotus that they leaked an Amy Robach tape (pictured)
Top executives at ABC are 'freaking out' amid a probe into who leaked a hot mic video where Amy Robach is seen ranting that the network spiked a Jeffrey Epstein story, an insider has claimed.

The source claims ABC has searched emails and news logs in a bid to find the culprit and has been isolating and encouraging staff to turn against each other amid their investigation.

Confusion surrounds a letter published after former ABC News producer Ashley Bianco, 25, was 'wrongly accused' and fired from CBS, in which the author admitted they sent the tape to Project Veritas and was mysteriously signed off 'Ignotus'.

Ignotus means 'unknown' in Latin but is also the name of a wizard that has an invisibility cloak in the Harry Potter franchise.

ABC whistleblower statement

'Ignotus' means 'unknown' in Latin and the source asked about the letter: 'How many young producers speak Latin these days?'
'They are freaking out over the Harry Potter reference,' the ABC insider told Page Six. 'Does this mean the leaker is a Potter fan, likely one of the younger staff members who work the overnight shift? Or is the leaker citing Latin, which means he or she could be an older member of staff. I mean, how many young producers speak Latin these days?'

Comment: As Tim Pool has pointed out, these people are idiots. The signing of the statement by 'Ignotus' isn't a Harry Potter reference. The 'Veritas' in Project Veritas is Latin, so they were likely keeping with the theme of using Latin rather than signing it 'anonymous'. The leaker's statement came through Project Veritas, after all. What does it say about the people heading this 'investigation' that their only reference for Latin is Harry Potter?

Page Six reports the source as saying the company has been 'isolating certain employees and putting them under pressure to turn on their colleagues' regarding the footage from the Good Morning America anchor while she was not on air.

Referring to Epstein's underage sex slave who accused the pedophile of lending her out for sex with his friends, including Prince Andrew, 46-year-old Robach is heard saying: 'I've had this interview for years. I've had this interview with Virginia Roberts. We would not put it on the air.'

Robach said ABC didn't let the story go to air because the palace threatened to sue the network and there were concerns Prince William and Kate Middleton would no longer grant ABC any interviews.

There has been a good deal of backlash against ABC ever since the video first emerged, with many people pointing out that none of the network's news programs have mentioned the story.

harry potter still

The insider asked: 'Does this mean the leaker is a Potter fan, likely one of the younger staff members who work the overnight shift?'
On Tuesday, Page Six reported the source also said the investigation into 'Ignotus' reports 'back up to the very highest levels at HR at ABC's parent company Disney'.

Comment: So the very highest levels at HR at Disney think 'Ignotus' is a Harry Potter reference.

Veritas editors confirmed the memo titled 'Why I, alone, released the Amy Robach Epstein tape' was written by the same ABC News insider who gave them the clip 'in light of the actions taken against those wrongfully identified as involved in the leaking'.

The message began in part: 'By Ignotus, To my fellow man: I came forward with this information bearing no motives other than to have this information public.'

The ABC insider added: 'To those wrongly accused: It is terrible that you have been lashed out at by the company. I know some may put the burden of guilt on me, but my conscience is clear.

'The actions of the company towards you are the result of their own and not anyone else. The public outcry, from coast to coast, of all people, creeds, and political affiliations, is clear.

'I have not one doubt that there will always be support for you, and you will have prosperous careers. For neither you, nor I, have done anything wrong.'

The unknown author completed the letter with a note to the network.

'To ABC News: I sit right here with you all in complete shock on how this has been handled. Instead of addressing this head-on like the company has done in the past, it has spun into a mission of seek-and-destroy,' the writer went on.

'Innocent people that have absolutely nothing to do with this are being hunted down as if we are all a sport. I challenge all of you to actually look inwards and remember why this company engages in journalism. We all hold the First Amendment at the foundation of this company, yet forget its history, its purpose, and its reasoning for even coming into existence to begin with. How lost we are... yearning to be found.

'I went to Project Veritas for the sole reason that any other media outlet else would have probably shelved this as well. I thank all of them ... for seeking truth.

'We are all human and mortal, creatures of mistakes and redemption. The road to redemption favors no soul. Sincerely, Ignotus.'

ABC did not immediately respond to's request for comment.