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Andrei Hunko, deputy in the German Bundestag with Ukrainian roots, and deputy chairman of the United European Left Faction in the PACE, has insisted on closing the scandalous Peacekeeper website. The deputy recounted his personal letter to Ukrainian President Zelensky on his own website:

"Last week, in a personal letter, I called upon the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. In my appeal, I clearly identified topics such as political repression in Ukraine and the criminal website Peacekeeper, and attached a list of political prisoners and political prisoners. These are two big problems that the new president received as a heavy legacy from his predecessor. If he does not solve them, he will not succeed in transforming Ukraine into a democratic state," Hunko wrote.

He argues that Zelensky should stop political repression and close the controversial Peacekeeper.

"I expect from Vladimir Zelensky that he will stop politically motivated processes, severely condemn the activities of Peacemaker, direct his efforts towards removal of the site, and take legal measures against its administrators," the deputy said.

In his opinion, this site is an instrument of intimidation of Ukrainian society.

"My name is also included in the "Cleanse" column, which, of course, I consider to be a direct threat and a call for politically motivated violence. So "Peacekeeper" reacted to the delivery of humanitarian aid to the children's hospital in Gorlovka, which I organized in 2015 with Wolfgang Gerke.

However, for people in Ukraine, the situation is even worse. The site contains their personal data, as well as personal data of their family members, even place of residence and passport number. Thus, these people are outlawed and are in immediate danger. This causes me great concern," said Hunko.

This member of the German Parliament is not alone: Yesterday a UN representative demanded the same thing:

The UN demands that the notorious "Peacekeeper" site be closed.

It contains the personal data of opposition journalists, politicians and militias who defended the Donbass. Such a demand was made by the deputy chairman of the UN monitoring mission in Ukraine Benjamin Moreau.

The diplomat emphasizes that Peacekeeper is a site that violates both Ukrainian and international law. He also drew attention to the fact that people who get to this site are called "terrorists and traitors."

"I remind you again and again of one very famous moment about the " Peacekeeper " site. As you know, the site has personal data of individuals, including journalists, which violates national laws and international standards ... Opening their data in turn carries a danger to such individuals, "the diplomat said at a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Freedom of Speech.

As an example, he cited the former militiaman Roman Dzhumaev, who was recently brutally murdered in Mariupol. Moreau emphasized that Peacekeeper had published the personal data of the defender of Donbass. The deputy head of the UN monitoring mission in Ukraine points out, though an investigation was opened, no progress has been made.

"Unfortunately, the contact details of many journalists still remain on this site, which puts them at risk. So we again urge members of parliament to initiate the closure of this site and bring this investigation to completion," Moreau added.