XR Mr. Broccoli
© ITV/Good Morning Britain
A climate change protester who goes by the name Mr Broccoli has gone head to head with Piers Morgan this morning, and it was as brilliant as you would expect.

The activist was arrested earlier this week as part of Extinction Rebellion's demonstrations across London, and appeared on Good Morning Britain to explain why he felt people needed to switch to a plant-based diet.

But from the moment he started referring to Piers as 'Peas' during the hated debate, it was never going to go well for the 'humble' piece of veg.

Facing off against Morgan and Susanna Reid, Mr Broccoli said: "My point is that environmentally speaking we're in incredibly hot water and we do need to transition to a plant-based food system."

To which, Morgan fired back: "But you don't know why, you don't know the science."

Mr Broccoli then replied humbly: "I am just a broccoli, at the end of the day."

Comment: Great spokesman for the movement.

Infuriated by a lack of answers to his questions, Piers Morgan went in, saying: "Had you come on here and made a coherent argument about veganism that would have been fair enough, but to come on here and just be an idiot makes me think that you're just an idiot."

And even Reid - GMB's level-headed voice of reason - wasn't convinced, piling in with: "I'm vegetarian so I'm half on your side, but you haven't managed to convince me, and if you can't do that then you've lost your audience."

And let's face it, Mr Broccoli didn't really do himself any favours when he decided to pull a banana out of his pocket and pretend he was answering a call.

The final stunt didn't even spur Peas to come back with a sharp-tongued response, just a sigh of 'yeah'. Quite sad, really.

But it wasn't just the show's presenters who were left frustrated by the bizarre piece of theatre. Viewers weren't particularly swayed by the 'I'm just a broccoli' argument either.

Taking to Twitter, one shocked user said: "He doesn't know what planet he's on let alone knowing what he's actually fighting for... WTF is this country coming to. I'm all for people fighting and standing up for their beliefs what ever they may be, he had a huge platform to show case this today and wasted it."

A second wrote: "Probably the most pointless, waste of time interview I've ever seen! He didn't help his cause at all."

A third added: "Humans are omnivores! Get over it broccoli! Ever tried telling a bear he can only eat berries not salmon."

More than 1,600 people have been arrested in London during the 'international rebellion' protests. As a result of the level of disruption being caused by the campaign, the Metropolitan Police announced a ban on protests.